Stuart McCall: “We’re still in this”


Stuart McCall was as disappointed
as anyone with Rangers’ display tonight, in the dismal 1-3 loss to Motherwell
in the SPFL playoff final, but believes if his side can get the first goal on
Sunday it could be a different game.
Close to tears, the Rangers
gaffer bemoaned the number of players who did not show up:
“Hugely disappointed with the performance,
and obviously the result. I think if you look over it we had too many lads with
off-nights tonight. We haven’t been able to say that of late. Full credit to
Motherwell, they picked us off when they needed to.”

The Rangers boss was especially
critical of the weak defending on show from his men:
“The goals, the first goal, we’re attacking
and they break on us, and we don’t get tight enough. They get a little bit of
luck, I think Cammy’s saved the shot but it deflects off Darren and goes over.
The second goal was just a bread and butter set piece goal and we’re nowhere
near, the marking was very slack and sloppy and you can’t afford to defend like
He was also extremely disappointed
with Rangers’ disappointing use of the ball in possession, describing it as ‘poor’:
“I thought in possession of the ball we were
poor, which was unlike us. We didn’t get in the areas we wanted to outside the
centre-halves, but for that you’ve got to give Motherwell credit.”
McCall even went so far as to
suggest the all-round display was a complete failure, hinting:
“We didn’t do any part of the game
especially well tonight and that’s a frustrating thing because if we’d been on
top of our game the result would have been different. That’s probably as poorly
as we’ve played and as well as Motherwell have played in a long time.”
But he still believes Rangers can
come out on top with the first goal:
“Obviously we’re a bit down at the minute,
naturally, but we will regroup over the weekend and if we can get the first
goal on Sunday it can be a different game.”
Rangers are down, close to being
out. But the fat lady has not sung just yet.


  1. Bottom Line,,,, We shat it,,,,,its all well asking for a full house at ibrox,, but other that Kenny Miller and Chris Boyd,, none of those players understand the demand of a full house,, they froze,,even Vukic,, and ironically enough,,, i thought that it was Kenny and Kris who understood this in their play,,,, Shane Ferguson,,wow,, Get that boy on from the start at Firpark… Listen,, McCall fecked up big time.,,,, he needed to play the big players tonight,,, the blacks, the templetons,, Shiels and Wallace were mince tonight,,, and for the love of god,,, why oh why are we continuing to cross 43 high balls into the box,,where Miller and Clark are 4ft 5,,, bloody disgraceful tactics,,,, this is where i think McCall lacks the quality to change things when the shit is hitting the fan,,, He was a lost sheep,, and for Law,,god, what boots did he have on tonight,,was he saving his brothers career?! Was McCall saving Motherwells existence in the premiership?!,, Watching that display,,it was all for motherwell,, Nicky Clark,,Andy Murdoch,, Tom Walsh ,, were no where near ready for this game,,and it showed,, we were 4 players short,,including Shiels,, there is a lot of individual soul searching that need to be done,,, We gave you 50,000 Stuart,,, what did you give us???? YOU OWE US MCCALL!!!,, you and the players let us 50,000 down big time,, to a team who werent even that good,, !!!,,, Bloody disgraceful.,,, First Division beckons,,, feck that!!!

  2. Rangers made 3 subs in the game tonight Law should have been number 1 the man has been shite since he signed ,but never gets taken off even when coisty was there ,just hope he is one who goes at the end of playoffs .

  3. Touch of realism required. What was the game plan last night? Played into Motherwell's hands. they have a very poor away record and find it difficult to penetrate defences. We charged forward with effectively 3 forwards playing in midfield, Murdoch being the only player who was prepared to track back. Full backs going forward to supply ineffective forwards (although Miller tried manfully).Same will happen at Fir Park. Why would Motherwell change their tactics when 2 goals ahead. Amateur approach to the game and poor substitutions throughout play-offs. When/if we appoint a decent manager the supporters will come to realise the very poor standard of coaching we have had to endure, going back quite some time.

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