Mike Ashley gives first-ever interview


Mike Ashley, for the first time,
has given a public interview regarding football. Specifically speaking on Newcastle, the Sports Direct owner came on camera for the
very first time to assert that he would not sell Newcastle until they win something.
The ramifications for Rangers
fans are curious; his desire to regain the £5M from the loan and what he has
said today suggests he is endeavouring to withdraw from Ibrox affairs as soon
as possible, and cede all intellectual rights back to Govan, in order to
completely focus on Newcastle United.

He said:
“The club is not for sale at any price. If
we ever get into a position for winning something, and by that I also qualify a
Champions League spot as winning something.”
On managers Ashley said:
“On that basis it’s the football board who
make those decisions, as it was Derek Llambias (former Rangers CEO) who brought
in Alan Pardew. So I will not be picking the next manager, it’s not what I do.
My job is to make sure they have the maximum amount of financial resources.”
And lastly he added
“To be categorically clear I’m not going
anywhere until we win something”
If Geordies thought they were
getting rid of Mike, they have another think coming, but this interview may be
good news for Rangers fans, with his apparent attention now becoming fixated
100% on St James’ Park.


  1. the sooner we get him out of ibrox the better, give him his money and get him to fuck, give us the supporters another go to put our money into help with the rebuild of our great club,, watp.

    • well said the quicker we repay him and get him to fuck then who knows he might sell his shares in rangers to us
      I know this has nothing to do with the above ost but great news from FIFA they say WE ARE NOT A NEW CLUB
      all the sevco name calling etc etc has to stop now

  2. Well we have guys in now who know what they are about , and i wouldnt give the fat A/H a penny UNLESS its in our (RANGERS ) interest . I put complete faith in King and Murray deciding when that is the case .

  3. Why is King not repaying the loan as a matter of urgency?

    There is a story doing the rounds that if repayment isn't made next week Ashley will take ownership of the secured assets.
    Rangers will be locked out of Murray Park with immediate effect and the Albion car park will be padlocked therefore preventing use of the club deck.
    King and Murray are taking the fans for a ride.
    Transparency was supposed to be at the forefront of what the new board was doing………….fat chance.
    King's already lied about he Nomad and his investment, yet he's getting away with it due to the positive spin from the media and Level 5.
    When he and Murray talked about a share issue to raise funds not one of the media asked the obvious questions

    1. How will a relisting be achieved given the same criteria will be applied to admition as it was to Aim.
    2. The real game changer………..to issue more shares the board needs 75% of existing shrareholders to approve the motion!
    Ashley and the Easdale proxies have 35% of the shares so it's a non starter.
    Why has no one raised this point?
    Ash and the Easdales are taking legal action over the delisting shambles……they are not going away.

    • As far as what was announced at the time, there is no specific time schedule for repayment of the loan so we have not defaulted hence Fatman cannot sell the securities. Also, I believe the 75% shareholder approval is only required to issue shares to who do currently hold shares so the Easdale/Ashley alliance cannot prevent a rights issue.

    • King does not need to repay the loan next week, as a matter of fact there is still some time for the loan to be repaid, if I was him i'd wait til the last minute before i repaid it.
      I just hope he gets rid of this Bassa and we can carry on & get on with things. Hopefully Newcastle will stay up today & he can focus his attention on them them.

  4. He is not repaying as a matter of urgency because the club are looking, very closely, at the dealings of Ashley's placemen in Ibrox. There MAY, only may, be conflict of interest allegations. People employed to look after Rangers best interests AMAY be required to show how signing certain deals can be shown to be in the best interests of Rangers, rather than Newcastle and/or Sports Direct.

    As for the "story doing the rounds", please track down the origin and print it here. Until then, it is just trolling. King is not perfect, it is only the actions and behaviours of his immediate predecessors that make him look perfect.


  5. The delisting shambles had nothing to do with the incoming Board and everything to do with the previous cowboys that were involved in the management of the Club. Only time will tell whether King is good for Rangers, Murray I have my doubts since I struggle to see what he brings other than being a fan of the club, (and there are thousands that fit that description). At least Ashley's people got rid of the idiot that called himself a manager and his 'hanger-on' assistant. Just a shame they didn't do it earlier and we might have had a better team and a lower wage bill!

  6. We shouldn't give him his money back. All the contracts that have been drawn up need investigated. Its possible that the findings will be that Green and sports direct made these to only benefit themselves and further damage our club. Could be a lengthy process but if it saves paying that cat funt back and getting him tae fuck, we gan get it right up him and have our club back, totally rat free. WATP!!!!!, Bring on Motherwell!!!!

  7. I believe the issue of new shares to existing shareholders had already been approved at the last egm before King and Co took over!

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