Dave King: “Rangers have the money to pay Ashley off”


Imminent Rangers chairman Dave
King has stated Rangers have the money to pay Mike Ashley back if the vote at
the EGM goes that way, but that the issue ultimately is not a particular
concern of his.
Ashley threw a spanner in Rangers’
works recently by demanding his £5M back, as big an indication of his desire to
exit Ibrox completely as yet seen, but King has reduced the level of priority
the demand is perceived to be at.

He said:
“I’ll check with that with the chaps
tomorrow (Rangers’ board) but it isn’t something I’m even remotely concerned about.”
It seems King is not interested
in getting Ashley off Rangers’ back any time soon, but says Rangers do have the
cash to pay him if the vote forces it:
“Of course we (have the cash). It wasn’t
part of the plan, but it’s just a question of whether it’s an appropriate thing
to do.
Ashley currently owns a number of
intellectual properties as conditions for that loan, and Rangers fans are eager
to have them returned.

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  1. give him his money and get him out our club, we can go back to the top without the fat rat in our club, i just hope newcastle stop filling his piggy bank up also,,

  2. Who cares, the sums involved are minute compared to what Mr K has to sort, question is will he put up the money plus what he lost before, time will tell J

  3. i think its time king dad word with the chaps and got some money on the table im not a farmer but i can still smell shite when its spouted

  4. Repaying the 5m goes not get Asley out. He will still have the Sport Direct contracts and still own 9%. Having sucurity on some assets may not be a big deal. Depends on the details of that loan. There may be higher priorities.

  5. king will ask the fans to hand over there hard cash i dont trust him lets see how much he puts in first he will start bye asking us to bye season tickets if its the same old story no more ibrox for me had enough my 45 yers off supporting the club is over

  6. Keep hold of Ashley's money until we clear up all legal issues relating to all the contracts that were set up. Might just find that Ashley owes us a bob or two.

  7. When the 5 million is paid back we get all the merchindise badge edminson carpark the heap bk, but ashley would still ownjus under 9% of rangers

  8. We continue to be led up the garden path (supporters), King like Ashley and others before still see it as a business opportunity to make money out of fans via a great club. Said it many times, King is here to invest for one reason, recover his £20m and make some more money, how much is he willlng to gamble and can we avoid repeats of previous regimes in the process, what if the fans simply say enough is enough because he will be looking for our money! J

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