Where on earth is Marius Zaliukas?


With today’s sparkling news that
McCulloch, having appealed (and lost said appeal) his two-match ban, will miss
tomorrow’s visit of Hibernian at Ibrox, it will be the first competitive match he
has missed for as long as the support can remember.
However in a wham-bang quadruple
of good news, his absence is not the only fillip when Rangers entertain the
Easter Road outfit.

  1. Richard Foster is understood to be struggling with a
    groin injury, and may also miss Friday’s clash.
  1. Cammy Bell
    is finally back in training, and while tomorrow’s encounter may come too
    early, it is certainly a fine start.
  1. Last but not least Steven Simonsen, debatably the
    least popular goalkeeper Rangers have ever had himself has been suspended
    for one match over the betting charge. After he claimed he believed the
    rules north of the border to be the same as those south, the panel let him
    off rather lightly but he is now banned for the Hibs tussle.
Tomorrow’s match in Govan could
be the most new-look and refreshing defence Rangers have had in well over 24
No Lee McCulloch, and no
Simonsen, with the accompanying likelihood of no Foster either. Bilel Mohsni is
back from the Africa Cup of Nations but he too is not available through injury.
Sadly, as we know, the promising
Remie Streete pulled up v Raith and his condition is not good. He too is out.
We know for sure Lee Robinson
will keep goal, and it would be in theory that the back four was Faure,
McGregor, Zaliukas and Wallace. But given his freezing out, Zaliukas is the
contentious one of that selection.
No one knows why the Lithuanian
simply is not being used since he joined, given he is a capable enough defender
if no Thiago Silva, and rumours have abided of alcohol problems incurring the
wrath of management. But Marius did feature in an unders match on the fourth of
this month and scored a goal, playing well in the process by all accounts, so
his complete airbrushing from Rangers seems a bewildering situation.
With the visit of a fine Hibs
side tomorrow and a chance for a half-decent defence in the offing, there is an
opportunity for Zaliukas, yet there remains no mention of his existence by
Rangers. His recent opportunities have been restricted to the youths.
Bizarrely the official Rangers
site spins all this as a headache for McDowall, while clearly fans believe the
exact opposite.
A thinned down and streamlined
Rangers defence with a removal of rubbish and the addition of players with
something to prove.
Problem is, once they prove it,
Simonsen, Foster and the Great Jig will just stroll back in and take their
place again.


  1. there are good enough defenders in the under 20s the boy halkett can play right back or central defence and we also have one of the most highly rated right backs in the lad sinnamon put the youngsters in I also see that Hutton is complaining that the loan players are threatening his position how sad he is another one who should be nowhere near the team another one of mccoists master strokes giving him a contract

  2. Since Cammy Bell`s injury the whole back four and goalkeeper have been liabilities apart from Wallace,add in the sale of McLeod the only creative midfielder player we had and the non selection of Chris Boyd who is by far our best option at centre forward (as the results show for the league games that he has started),I`d like to see Boyd benefit from the creativeness of Vuckic which has been sadly lacking since McLeod left,let`s get one thing straight Hibs are not a fine side,they have beaten us twice and played 3 games MORE than us and are still one point behind the worst Rangers team ever,this is NOT a fine Hibs team and come what may Hibs have absolutely no chance of promotion under any circumstances this season

  3. Totally agree with Bill, worst Rangers side ever …yes undoubtedly. Apart from a few Lee Wallace being one. Miller and Boyd and Vuckic replacing Black. Kyle worked well with Vuckic to create the goal and I think with more understanding that's a good pairing. Jig has had it for me, his stamp was unnecessary and a player of his years should do better. A while on the bench I think as a backup utility player, then onto retirement end of sand eason. Zalukias has a chance to earn his coin at last. The hibees are a crap team, nearly as bad as Rangers on current form. Let give it a go and see what happens.

  4. i think hutts and bigi should be in central midfield, i know bigis injured but this can mean blacks out the squad when everyones fit, foster takes some stick but i kinda like the guy, he makes mistakes but to be honest no more than any other right back at that standard, if we had someone with legs next to him instead of jig i dont think the majority of his mistakes would shine as much, temps on the right fergo on the left wings mcgregor and streete or halket ( i would prefer luca but hes at airdrie ) in the central defence, shaggy over waldo for left back ( joking lol ) Vuckic playing with clark up front, smashing team

  5. Loving the "Hibs are a crap team" from the two eejit. Yes boys they were really crap a few weeks ago when they ripped you a new orifice at Easter Road. Been a Hibby for 45 yrs and yes this is the worst Rangers team EVER. However Hibs are not the team they were at the start of the season when they dropped so many soft points and if you can't at least concede that then there's no hope for you and you deserve all the rubbish chucked at you. And we Hibs supporters now how that feels!!

  6. Hibees are a "crap team" love it. Humped four nil going on six or seven and these two clowns above still think Hibs are crap. Hibs are struggling right enough but are at long last recovering. What about you lot? Regards to Ibrox Noise given they seem to know what they're talking about.

  7. The fact Foster has even made it as a professional footballer simply astounds me. His lack of any basic footballing ability is glaringly obvious, he was an atrocious player for us the first time around with his only good game ironically being against Valencia where he managed to miss a sitter. As for jig, aye he has done well by us in the past few years, sticking by us through hard times and I can't fault him for that although he was and still no doubt is being paid handsomely to do this. But it is clearly time for him to give it up, he has no running left in him, no positional sense of the centre back position (not his fault) and consistently gets caught out by even the most average and below average players in this league. And Daly, well what can be said about him, I am lost for words when it comes to describing that plank of wood. The man was out of contract at Dundee utd, can only train half of the time because his knees are away and we make the decision to sign him and pay him over double what he was earning at Utd. Ludicrous. Most of his performances this season have been border line pathetic albeit not helped but the 'tactics' and 'style of play' that we choose to adopt week in week out, that's even if they can be described as that. If I was nicky clark, david templeton or dean shiels and was interested in regular first team football I would immediately be looking for another club, the fact we brought on daly at half time against celtic, a man who has done nothing for us all season ahead of the likes of former was a shocking managerial decision and surely shows that at least under McDowell these guys aren't going to get a chance.

    These are only some of the issues with the playing side of things at rangers, there is a whole host of them that shouldn't be anywhere near a rangers jersey, hutton, black etc etc etc. Hopefully we will get rid of these parasites on the board and be able to start over with a new manager and have a massive clear out of these under achieving players. We have well and truly missed the boat with the chance to bring in the youth and a new style of play when we went down to division 3 and didn't have the correct manager in place to do this in any case. But fingers crossed we can move forward as a club from grassroots up and get back to where belong in the coming seasons.

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