Why McCulloch must accept SFA ban

Why McCulloch must accept SFA ban

As per the last entry I recorded
about Lee McCulloch, regular readers of ibroxnoise.co.uk will be only too well
aware this site is not his most ardent supporter. Over the years I have been
heavily critical of everything about him, in a football sense, and it appears,
in the past six months, that fellow fans have begun to see why.
With the news that ‘Jig’ has been
offered a two-match ban by the SFA for that ridiculous stamp on Raith’s Carrick,
it is yet another episode highlighting his absurd uselessness and now bordering
on thuggery.

As I previously highlighted, he
resorted to it v Celtic as well, twice in the same match, with an elbow and a
stamp (on Guidetti) to his credit, while v Raith the trodding on a felled opponent stood out
like a sore thumb.
Rangers fans all over Twitter are
overjoyed at his banning, with several sarcastic tweets pleading with the SFA
to make the ban longer.
Jig does have the right to
appeal, of course, by 3PM today, which would automatically free him up for the
visit of Hibs on Friday, but the hope from most fans is that he will not,
eliminating him from the starting XI and giving Rangers the slimmest chance of
His presence in the team is
rotting away at the hope of improvement, and with the decent Darren McGregor
dropped to accommodate him (and Remie Streete) last weekend, the only way to
force Lee McCulloch out the first team is to ban him.
Jig, your time is most definitely
Walk away with the last remaining
shred of dignity you have left.

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  1. Sadly for us this player, don't laugh, thinks he is wonderful. He is player, coach and captain. He has the ego to match his utter arrogance. He will drop out banned, we will improve, he will walk straight back in and watch us go backward again. Mark my words.

  2. We have to hope that with his absence from the side that the central defenders against Hibs play well so that it makes it difficult for McDowall to bring him back, (although I am sure that he will find a position for him somewhere)!

  3. Hate to burst your bubble…He's contesting the ban..
    Which is a shock to no one….
    Except maybe you guys…
    No way was he misiing the Hibs game..Grow up.

  4. I know what he has done for rangers in the past ,yes it was a foul but it was not a stamp as all you are saying . we know he is done ,but he is not the worst on this rangers team all shite.

  5. I think this criticism is over the top. He has been a rock in the Rangers team for the last three years and has always led by example.

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