Fraser – stop talking s***e


It must be national Fraser Aird
idiocy day because not content with making ridiculous comments in the press in
recent weeks, as addressed in my previous entry, young Aird has now decided to poke
arch-rivals Celtic with further nonsense in the red tops.
Asked about his feelings on
Celtic captain Scott Brown’s provocative comments regarding Craig Gordon being ‘bored’
in the opposition goal, Aird said the following:

“If players are saying that they are
pretty much saying we were s***e on the day. But Brown can say what he wants
because that’s his opinion. I would love another crack at Celtic, definitely.
I’m a Rangers fan so I would always want to play Celtic and it would be an
opportunity to redeem ourselves. We didn’t give ourselves the best chance on
Sunday because we had quite a bad first half. But if we got them again in the
Cup I would definitely take them.”
I shudder to imagine how Rangers
would fare against Celtic again, given how humiliatingly we underperformed at
Hampden against a Parkhead side barely in first gear.
Aird is getting a bit of a name for
himself as the brand new ‘Rent-a-Quote’ at Ibrox ever since McCulloch rather
relinquished that role in the recent years.
This is not to absolutely castigate
the defiant sentiments Aird has made above, in their own context anyway – but for
a Rangers player to disagree with the notion Gordon was ‘bored’ (I would
personally say ‘asleep’) for 90 minutes and imply, with foul language, that the
opposition are calling Rangers poor, is astonishing.
It must be due to the failure to
do any talking on the pitch whatsoever that is provoking Rangers players to do
all theirs in the press now.


  1. Aird has had too much to say all season. It doesn't deflect from the fact he has been rubbish on the park and I don't understand how he is continually given a start in matches. Can only run fast. Can't beat a man and can't put in a decent cross. Talk less, work harder and he might improve.

  2. No one to blame but Gers Management??? for opening this Pandora's Box. When Rangers decided this kid would not play for Canada at the CONCACAF U 20 in Jamaica last month, it left the impression he (to Aird) was an important cog for the team. Unfortunately team and fans have to put up with a swelled and immature ego.

  3. some of our supporters make me laugh, they moan and groan about youngsters not being given a chance yet when they are given the mic they get told they are shit, im not airds number 1 fan but he gives 100% even though his 100% may not be up to standard, he gives more fight than most, some of our lads need to learn where to channel aggression and 90% should be at the board and around 8% of the remaining 10 should be aimed at black and simo

    • Surely 100% aggression should be used against the other team , time Rangers Fans
      go back to being fans and stop trying to get King his ego trip he will sell us out in time
      then the UOF will have banners up King OUT if it happens I will be the happiest Gers
      Fan at IBROX KING IS ANOTHER WHYTE time some GERS FANS saw that .
      King uses other peoples money to get power at Ibrox he knows he could sell Ibrox and Murray Park in time for £100million plus , GERS FANS WAKE UP don't live in a dream world any longer , face up to the fact King is CRAIG WHYTE 2 HE WILL LEAVE US WITH A DEAD CLUB. ONE QUEEN – NO KING – WATP.

    • I agree, fellow gers fans talk so much drivel about everything, Aird does give us fight on the park and although not the greatest, it's that kind of fighting talk from him we could do with right now.

    • You really have got things wrong here, in fact I would even go so far as to say you are coming across like a bhoy in bears clothing.
      At possibly the defining momemt in the history of Scotlands greatest football club one man is leading the last ditch effort to save the very essense of our club so that our children and grandchildren can experience and passion, the joy and the heartache, the love and sometimes even hatred that comes with supporting not just a football club but an istitution and a family. Make no mistake if King and co don't win control of Rangers then the heart and sole of the club that we all love will be gone possibly forever.
      You are the one that needs to wake up. Put aside your hatred for King, the tide has turned and if Kings group succeeds neither he or any other individual will be able to have absolute control over the club. If they fail then Ashley has everything and the d*ickheads amongst opposition fans will be right, we'll not be Rangers anymore.

  4. An interesting blog which couldnt be more be more from the truth.Fraser Aird mouthing of does us no service whatsoever,he is at best an average player in a woeful RANGERS side or should I say the WORST Rangers Team in our history.Richard Gough was spot on in his article in the Daily Record . To be honest I think the definitive moment in our season will be this Sunday. The game against RAITH ROVERS is of monumental importance. I fear my fellow BEARS are in for another nail-biting 90 minutes.If Raith score first then our season could virtually be over.Route one football will see us struggle whether its Daly or Boyd. The DUDS of IBROX must stand up and be counted. GREENOCK TEDDYBEAR since the 1960s

  5. At the end of the day all we want is RANGERS back at the top, Directors, Managers , Players
    come and go, we want the best for our club .
    I have followed Rangers since I was 5 years old
    I`m 65years old now 60years and still only one team for me you can keep your Man U and Barca but we need to stop the in fighting and get back to football the game we are all suppose to love, it is sad for me to see Rangers fans fighting amongst themselves , the club torn apart by greed is this what I and others like me have spent a life time supporting NO
    we had a family of fans a family who saw our team win the EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS CUP
    in 1972 the year I was married what a year for me .
    The years have come and gone but the love for my wife and Rangers is as strong as ever , we have a son and daughter and seven
    grandchildren all Rangers fans , I would put at the top of my wish list before I die Rangers fans
    to be a family once more and Rangers to be the CLUB they once were .
    Best of luck for the game tomorrow C`mon THE GERS

  6. I thought Fraser made a lot of sense. Brown is entitled to his own opinion and although on the vast majority of occassions he makes a complete dick of himself this time he was right.
    And wanting to have another go at celtic after getting our ars*s kicked is not only acceptable from a Rangers player it should be compulsory. We are Rangers, defeat is not acceptable but neither our fans or our players should be scared and start hiding away like cowards because we got beat. Win or lose WATP

    • I agree, are our players not supposed to speak after an Old Firm defea?, and I would like our players to speak their mind in a positive way.

  7. Aird talking nonsense..its the sort of nonsense fans once bought into with relish. Not so now. This is a pitiful set up at Ibrox..the fans have chucked it too at this stage. There is much talk among some of 'We'll be back' etc. Its utter nonsense at this stage and I fear there is further turmoil ahead for this club. I've had enough. The club I followed is gone. This is a pale shadow of that club.

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