Why Fraser Aird needs to pipe down


“It’s puts him [McDowall] and me in a
bit of a position because you know you’ve done well enough to play the next
week but you might not play. So I guess you just need to go out and score a
hat-trick every game to try to keep yourself in the team.”
It is fair to say young Fraser
Aird has done little to endear himself to Rangers fans in recent weeks.
The above quote relates, of
course, to his response to his manager’s claims that Sandy Easdale and Derek
Llambias have ordered him to select all five Newcastle loanees, when available
(something Llambias denies).
Aird went onto say:

“If it’s fair or not it’s not really for me
to comment just means that the boys who aren’t in the team are going to have to
work their socks off to get into the team and take their chance when they get
it. I’ve just heard those comments there, saying obviously that they have to
play, it’s kind of just hit me in the last five seconds. I don’t know what it’s
going to be like, ask me in a few weeks and I might tell you something different.”
If we are being utterly blunt,
Aird is, to an extent, correct. No player should simply start a match by
default leaving literally only six slots up for grabs for the rest of the team.
But the problem is that he has, in being correct, produced hypocrisy upon
himself and the rest of the existing squad.
Aird has stated (indirectly)
categorically that no one should just start by default without earning it, yet
here we are watching Richard Foster, Lee McCulloch, Nicky Law and a certain
Fraser Aird, to name but four, who are producing absolutely nothing on the
pitch yet managing to retain their place by default.
In short, Aird has shown himself
to be selfish, immature, and hypocritical. His form has been completely
diabolical for a long time now. Admittedly his saving grace is a refusal to
hide on the pitch – he does try, but he produces nothing of any note. His
entire repertoire is to tap the ball past a defender and hope he can outpace
him by sprinting. It works one in 10 times. He cannot produce a set-piece
delivery to save himself yet he seems to be on corners more often than not, and
do not get me started on his constant cutting in.
So if Aird is whining about
players not deserving to start by default, he had better make sure he has a
case. And he does not.
There were also his idiotic
comments last month going into the Hearts match that Rangers had a better
“They are flying right now and scoring
a lot of goals, but I still think that we have a better squad than them and
better individual players but we need to go out and prove that.”
Any player who plays for a side
performing as poorly as Rangers are right now in comparison with Hearts’
excellent season really does not have a pedestal to stand on with a statement
like that.
He further added:
“They haven’t really had a bad spell
but hopefully we can change that and see where it goes from there. I wouldn’t
say this game on Friday will decide the league. Hopefully we can win and put a
lot pressure on them. We were unlucky against them when we played them at home,
when they scored with the last kick of the ball, pretty much.”
Really, Fraser? Unlucky? Beaten
by the better team is ‘unlucky’?
Aird sums up what is actually
wrong with Rangers’ squad right now. Unwilling to take responsibility for their
own failings, expecting to start matches by default, and believing they should
not be contested or questioned.
McDowall will be starting Streete
(defender), Bigiramana (midfield) and Vuckic (AM) on Sunday, with Mbubu and Ferguson out through
injury, and yet you can guarantee wasters like Foster, McCulloch and Aird will
still be out there along with them.
The rot at Ibrox is not isolated
to the boardroom.


  1. agree that young players should perhaps remain tight-lipped, but is this just another example of the lack of direction from coaches. Therefore, think you are being excessive, unfair in your use of the terms 'rot' and 'wasters'.

  2. Whether it's online or in the stands, the youth players needs to be cut more slack than this type of sniping block post offers. Young players will make mistakes off and on the pitch and it's this kind of post that helps build an environment that led to McCoist stuffing his team full of half-hearted pros (Shiels et al). In defense of Fraser, he evidently cares for the club and generally looks to put a shift in on the pitch. High Standards should be expected but he shouldn't be slated for some innocuous comments.

    • Cut more slack do me a favour if there is one thing about aird is he is consistent, consistently shite on the park & consistently talks shite off the park, see all the ones that are boycotting not all are doing it because of the board,a lot of fans stopped going because of the pish they were watching & he is one of the main culprits, don't believe me well what happened in the eighties when we were pish that's right the fans stopped going think it's disgraceful myself but that's what people do

    • You are 100% correct , and it disgusts me some of the stuff so called "Rangers men " are coming out with about KMcD and Ally before him as well ? . I may disagree with what both these guys have done as far as team selections etc is concerned , but that is NO EXCUSE for talking worse about them than a MHANK! ……..shower of pig thick MUPPETS ! have a word with yerselves ! .

  3. The reason aird needs to pipe down is he is pure pish, he is the only player I have seen that couldn't beat a man who had cramp remember Albion Rovers game. I swear he must have photos of ally & Kenny in an uncompromising position, let's put it this way ally played Callum Gallagher a few games last season he done quite good in the position aird plays, well who got sent out on loan that's right the one who played well in that position baffled so am I, well that's till a see those photos

  4. his latest statement in the press today in reference to the loan players and I quote "if you lose a game here its like a death in the family these boys better get used to that"another gem from this naive young man The Newcastle boys hopefully have brought their black suits and ties with them to attend the impending funerals

  5. Well maybe he should start playing better, give the new guys a chance, maybe the will give the rest of the team the kick up the arse they truly need!

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