Ian Black wage increase


Following his substitution off on
74 minutes this afternoon, Ian Black was roundly cheered by Rangers fans. Not
due to his outstanding display (he was absolutely horrendous like the rest of
them), but due to the fact he was so bad fans were ironically cheering his
Therefore the news he has
received a wage increase will not go down well.

Following on from the rather unremarkable
1-0 win over Cowdenbeath at Ibrox last December, my information is that Ian
Black’s contract invoked an appearance clause, which has led to a wage increase
to £10,000 a week.
It is possible this very increase
is what led to manager Kenny McDowall strangely dropping him for the 3-1 win
over Dumbarton on the third of last month following the shambolic result in Edinburgh, with him only regaining
his place in the side for the Old Firm defeat.
However watching yet another
horrific show from the former Jambo and the way the fans howled with derision
on his departure suggests he may be unlikely to return to the first team any
time soon.
We shall see.


  1. A joke as a so-called midfield enforcer, he has been dire for three seasons and not put in any effort.
    He seems to like the lets play the ball sideways or backwards style of play and at a very slow pace.
    Three seasons and how many goals has he scored?
    All this for £10000 a week now, I would rather sack him and shove him out the door for the lazy little shite that he is and give Erskine Hospital the £10000 a week.

    • Maybe get a better team out of Erskine Hospital at least they have spirit and fight in them , a great hospital and staff and they could use the money .

  2. Should have been off before half time . Constantly lost possession knocked off every tackle, a disgraceful performance, these players are making a bigger fool of Rangers than the board.

  3. These players have put on rangers jersey on under the most severe pressure,its no wonder their performances have been below par. Constant ridicule has got to them. We are not at war with players and if someone doesnt start speaking up for them we wont be in play-offs. i get it that we are struggling big time but to constantly hammer them with sometimes ott comments doesnt make for good performances. I still support them .

    • who ever you are you are making a very good point, I agree with you we need to support the team and I know that they are not playing well but you don,t know what is going on behind the doors on Ibrox.

  4. Granted Black was crap but he was far from the worst. At least Black keeps looking for the ball even when the team is obviously sh*t. I find it hard to understand why Law is not getting half the bollacking Black does. His contribution game after game is zero. It's like we are playing with 10 men. Law is just invisible week after week and people just comment about how good he was at Motherwell. I'd have Black over Law any day of the week and thats dispite the fact that Black is rubbish.

    • Mate totally agree I said few weeks ago that law was that guy out of wizard of oz but to tell you the truth the worst of them all is captain marvel, when I found out that the boy streete was playing I hadn't seen rest of the team but I know straight away McGregor would be dropped instead of the biggest spiv of them all talk about taking money under false pretenses worth remembering in the past the Rangers captain was always paid biggest wage

  5. I agree to a small extent but it's called 'professional' football for a reason. They are paid very well and fans (customers) expect to see a return. If it was the odd game then we'd accept it but consistently poor performances is unacceptable. There is a huge gulf in what the fans expect and what the players are capable of delivering. These guys simply don't have the requisite talent and that blame has to lie at Ally McCoist's door.

  6. Lets be honest we are in the championship for at least another season lets get the young guys into the team now and let them get games under their belt once we get this toxic board out get shot of the Blacks, Fosters etc and get some decent players to supplement the young players under a manager who knows how to apply tactics and team structure and bring a fitness regime in as well

  7. IMO the reason for the apparent lack of effort on the part of some of the players is down to the fact that they fully realise that come the end of the sesson they will be looking for another club. In the spirit of self preservation they do not want to enter the employment market with any sort of serious injury, which would greatly diminish their chances of picking up another contract.

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