Goodbye Lewis Macleod


After my last entry focused on
the absolutely abhorrent treatment of Ian Durrant, barred from the Club for 14
days, presumably with a view to forcing him out, it summarised how Rangers
simply lurch from one disaster to another.
And this morning that other
disaster broke with the news, perhaps slightly inevitable in light of
everything else that is currently going wrong, that star player Lewis Macleod
is on the verge of a move to the English Championship and sixth-placed
This has been a huge fear for
fans, that the crown jewels like he and Lee Wallace would be pawned off to make
up for the shortfall in revenue, and those fears have borne fruit with the £1M
deal that is on the table for Macleod’s services.
Currently undergoing a medical,
Macleod was the one big hope for the team, the hero supporters pinned all their
hopes on, and with that now taken away things look even gloomier in Govan than
they already did.
As regular readers to this blog
know I have afforded the board a little more leniency than most observers have,
even those of a neutral persuasion, but when news broke a few days ago of ‘The
Three Bears’ (Park, Taylor & Letham) proposing a £6.5M offer to underwrite
the share issue and give the Club desperately-needed financial stability, the
only response we heard was last night’s breaking story that chairman David
Somers has been desperately seeking investment from the likes of Brian Kennedy.
Consequently instead of giving
TTB any sort of shares/power and doing what is in the best interests of the
Club’s future and financial parity, Somers et al apparently dismiss the
multimillions on offer and instead pertain to sell the star prize at Ibrox for
around a third of his market value.
This is pure self-interest.
Nothing more.
With no Lewis Macleod, Celtic
will trounce Rangers in February, and promotion itself looks increasingly
distant. Crucially, admin 2 is starting to look horrifyingly inevitable.
The Club has a shortfall of over
£8M. I am not blaming the board for that, those are the circumstances in such a
drop in revenue compared with outgoing costs and I have addressed them many
times before.
But to reject a big financial
injection purely on the basis of keeping your seat on the board and a nice
salary is completely at odds with the best interests of the company.
Somers’ and others appear to have
no intention of accepting TTB’ offer, which would give the company breathing
room and manage to scrape the Club by till the end of the season. Especially
given the amount of ST’s that would start to shift as a result of such action.
This is not me saying I trust the
likes of Letham and co. – after all, he has already made a small profit on a
loan at Rangers, but the fact is he and others are offering £6.5M and the
current board have simply failed to find investment.
But no, seems better to save
one’s own seat and job rather than relinquishing power so the company becomes
financially stable.
And lose your star player in the process.


  1. Disgusted beyond all belief ,our club is a shadow of its former self and i see years of mediocre players coming and going and mid /bottom table lower league survival- back to the old days of the early 80's

  2. The fans should boycot till Sommers and the rest of the trash on the board leave.Its a disgrace that whats happening is allowed to continue. As for the current playing squad they are a shambles,

    • boycotting is part of the problem, not the solution. its the whole reason we are in this mess in the first place. attendance = cash. cash = players who stay. now you have a board who wont budge who are content to sit in and let anyone go so as they keep a seat until the club is dry. so we wont win. there are no if's or but's. i hope to god this lathem and co will get it but i wont hold my breath. lets fill the stadium get the cash to keep rangers going then get rid of the bams when RANGERS are in a sound financial state. the only comparison i can make about boycotting is quitting a job without having another one ready and waiting to pay of the morgage. its daft!

    • RANGERS will NEVER be in a strong finacial state as long as the LEECHES on the board are there,BOYCOT is the only way to go,

    • I don't agree with you, but I understand your logic. Except….

      If we buy season tickets and merchandise, giving the board the money they need, WHY, OH WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE?

      You want an analogy, or a comparison? After you have spent a night in the showers in a US jail, would you really keep going back and bending over to pick up the soap? Not me, I am afraid. Drive them out, or we will never get our club back. Whatever it costs now, it will be cheaper than leaving the vermin in place.

  3. Boycotts look where that has got us people choose to go to easter road tynecastle ect but not ibrox give money to clubs that tried to kill us but starve our own club of much needed money support the team not the regime so think next time before screaming boycott boycott the right places away grounds not home games

    • When will you get it that all going to games at Ibrox and providing that 'much needed money' will do is keep the present parasitical board in place for longer??!! The scum running our club need to be forced out and if that means short-term pain for the longer term good then we will have to be brave enough to take it on the chin!!

  4. Club needs admin 2 in order to properly cleanse itself from the terrible contracts that have been established and shareholders who don't have the clubs interests at heart.

    Three bears will fail for the same reason King did. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas and so shareholders will not agree to cut their stake in half.

    Starve the club of cash, bring on admin 2, and let's do it properly getting good Gers men to buy the company from the administrators. 25 point deduction and 3 year euro ban but got to look at long term outlook here…

  5. Boycotts are not the answer, they only play into the hands of the rats. I only wish I knew what would get rid of the spivs.

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