Durrant the latest victim of the nightmare at Rangers


After the humiliation suffered at
Easter Road on Saturday, Rangers fans could have been forgiven for thinking
they might manage a full 24 hours of respite, whereby the forces-that-be would
cut the long-suffering supporters a full day of slack and let them be for a
And, indeed, that was looking
good until news broke late last night of yet another acrimonious moment at a
Club which seems unwilling to conduct itself with any decent conduct whether on
or off the pitch.
On Sunday evening, the latest stage
of a horrible, drawn-out soap opera with no obvious plot arc or ending took
place when loyal servant Ian Durrant, already cast away to the unders following
McCoist’s departure, found himself outright barred from Rangers for a
Simply put, he was told to stay
away for 14 days.
Now, no one is suggesting Durrant
is one of the great assistant coaches, indeed questions have often been raised
about the possibility that he does next to nothing productive within the role,
with a curt gag often cited about him simply placing the cones in training.
This may be true, he might not be
one of the better counsel for which a manager can turn to when in need of
advice; but it is absolutely not an excuse to outright ban the man from
Whoever gave this order, be it
Ashley, Llambias, Somers or otherwise, has truly insulted the Rangers support
as much as Durrant himself by conducting themselves in a manner which pertains
to no level of dignity I have ever perceived. In blunt terms, by targeting and
attacking a pretty harmless man in the grand scheme of things, the board
(whoever exactly it was) has acted in a callous, disrespectful, and utterly
‘UnRangers’ manner.
It is bluntly true that Durrant
will never be a great assistant, but it is no excuse to treat him so coldly. To
ditch him to the unders then ban him from Rangers is basically bullying, and
while his ties to McCoist are probably the reason motivating such action,
nevertheless he himself has hardly acted in a way to warrant such drastic and
humiliating treatment.
We know Ashley is a cut-throat
businessman, and thoroughly ruthless, but if Durrant was not in his plans (if
this was his call) then just outright sack the man and pay his contract up (far
less than the value of McCoist’s). Quick, fair, and done.
This demotion then barring is
frankly horrible and Durrant is one of the few during the past few years to
keep his head down, behave himself well enough and while hardly emulating the
likes of Smith and Struth, certainly act more like a Ranger than those
currently torturing him.
And to think this blog is
considered pro-board…


  1. ian durant is not the one that needs to go its the complete board that needs changed.somers is only worried about his own bank account[not] rangers fc.the team has really let all the fans down i honestly don,t think they will make the play offs its the worst team i have ever seen.any team in the championship could beat them .all the fans should stick together and call for a complete new back room staff they have bled our club dry.

  2. Easy to blame the board, face it, the coaching staff, with the second highest paid playing staff in the country, have manage to put out a team that is truly underperforming, if you consider, the football played on Saturday was merely confirmation of this. Hopefully the changes so far made and hopefully more to come will see us at least getting promotion assuming we can get enough funds to see out the season.

  3. I think you are all judging them too harshly.
    Give Kenny a chance to implement his ideas on the team and I’m sure you will see a vast improvement over the next few months.
    If we could secure some finance for new players there are plenty of suitable candidates available in January that would jump at the chance of Joining Ranger!

  4. Oh my God….when are fellow bears going to realise the only way to get our club back is a total boycott. I do not speak on behalf of any Fans Groups but on my own behalf…I've been a season ticket holder for 37 of my 43 year life and my 12 year old son had a season ticket before he was born. I did not renew this season and it breaks my heart but the shambles both on and off the park justifies my decision. Some may not like what I am about to say but those that did renew, giving the scumbags that make the decisions at our club their money, are as much to blame as anyone. Meanwhile on the park, we've had to sit and suffer, watching – in some bears eyes – a club legend and so called manager, take millions in pay and give very little back in return. His signings, training methods and in particular his tactics, were nothing short of garbage. The re-signing of the likes of Stevie Smith etc sums McCoist's reign up for me. The loss of the likes of Charlie Telfer and the loaning out of the likes of Barrie McKay etc leaves a really bad taste, especially having to watch the dross that he picked ahead of the youngsters. Kenny McDowell made a statement of intent by picking McCoist's team against Hibs. There needs to be a total clear out from the top and get rid of the cancers that have destroyed our club. I for one, will not be back until the board is cleared out and youth given its chance under a proper management team. I won't hold my breath.

  5. the Ashley trojan horse , after the whyte trojan horse, the Green trojan horse ….is parked right in the foyer.

    there are no blue knights , 3 bears or any gazzillionaires in the wings. its 3-4 years of wilderness unless a euro winner is willing to pay off the current custodians .

    forget europe, forget celtic, forget the past . Rangers now (crap) rangers forever (nibees a wee bit better ?)

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