Douglas Park’s Three Bears seize control at Ibrox


To say 2014 has been another
tumultuous year in Rangers’ history is an understatement. This blog has been
filled with catastrophe after disaster after chaos.
But this morning, a game-changer
may finally have taken place at Ibrox with the revelation that those ‘Three
Bears’, Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor have seized a serious
amount of control with the buyout of Laxey’s shares.
The Three Bears, from absolutely
nowhere, have thrown a curveball into the board’s plans with a swift and sudden
purchase of 13,299,415 shares to end up with around 20% of the company.
Rather than waiting around to
hear an answer from Somers & Easdale regarding the share issue underwrite,
they have gone ahead and bought out Laxey to give them the single-most clout at
No fuss, no tabloid inches – they
put their money down and now have massive control.
While Easdale still has more
shares in theory, his are by proxy while Park, Taylor & Letham directly own
all their own, which means they have more direct control.
Without sifting through each of
these new players in too much depth, it is Douglas Park who stands out the
most. A completely credible and successful businessman, his BMW dealership,
servicing and historic business dealings make his CV basically impeccable. The
fact he is a well-known Rangers fan merely adds a cherry on top.
In simple terms, Park is more
than capable of steering Rangers, and with his group now being in majority
control of the company, it has completely changed the landscape.
Mike Ashley cannot be forgotten
though and he will have been blindsided by this move; his response will be
But Rangers fans, at long last,
have men they can trust with their feet in the door at Ibrox.
Bears can dare to smile a little. The good guys may just have won.
Happy New Year and WATP.


  1. this is just the begining as there is a war to be fought against ashley and mr proxy who wont just go away ,we as fans now must stand behind the three bears and add fan power to their arsonal of weapons ,fans must hold fire to flood back now could do damage ,wait for a statement from them before acting

  2. At last, some good news for all beleaguered bears! Hopefully we can now start building for the future. Somers must be bricking it! And not before time too! Happy New Year to all bears!

  3. Pity it was too late for McLeod – Somers has to go for that deal alone. Defenestration is too good for the likes of him.

  4. Fuck Ashley,he can keep his money,we have 3bluenose,s who care about the club,all we need is king to come in with his cash,(no surrender)

  5. You are deluded about King, he wants one thing if he can, that is the money he lost years ago back, says all the right things, appears to have loads of money and has one hell of a chip on his shoulder totalling £20M. Another Green, another Whyte, you name it he will be it but not a real care about the club.

    • King has been heavily involved with Rangers for decades and has invested more of his own money than any other individual with the exception of Murray. To compare him with Green and Whyte is as insulting as it is stupid.
      The fact that all of the 3 bears were involved in Kings consortiums recent bid clearly indicates their trust and willingness to work with him and I am sure that if they succeed King will play a big part in the future of the club.
      I don't think the good guys have won just yet and they are far from having majority control of the company but I think that for once we can all agree with your assessment of Douglas Park. He is a man who we would all trust to take the club forward with or without King.

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