The mess McCoist left us


June 2012. The end of the season.
The beginning of a new era for Rangers, with Charles Green’s tenure and the
continuation of Ally McCoist in charge flanked by McDowall and Durrant.
Fans were dispirited by the
exodus of players who decided to pack their bags and get out of Govan for the
lure of filthy lucre elsewhere, but started to look with hope at the younger
players in Rangers’ ranks – players like Kyle McAusland, Fraser Aird, Barrie
McKay, Calum Gallagher, Lewis Macleod, Luca Gasparotto and Chris Hegarty.
With the entire first team as
good as gone, and only Lee Wallace, McCulloch, Alexander, Andrew Little and
Ross Perry remaining on board, the seeds for growth were in a very tempting
This was Ally McCoist’s chance to
rebuild Rangers, to blend the best of the youth, with the experience which
remained, while making some choice signings to enhance the team.
But look how we ended up. McCoist
simply abandoned the notion of youth after a few months despite McKay and
Macleod’s excellent displays especially, and proceeded to ditch the majority of
young players on loans instead relying on turgid SPL players who simply did not
It is true to say Rangers won the
Third Division at a canter, in points anyway, but look at the price Ally
McCoist has made us pay to achieve that.
We now have an absolutely
disgusting first team, with the only glimmer of hope being sold to Brentford, while
utter dross such as Foster, Shiels, McCulloch, Simonsen, Law, Black, Hutton,
Templeton, Boyd, Miller, Smith and Daly remain on the Club payroll.
This is a football team without
footballers – only Lee Wallace, Nicky Clark and Darren McGregor can hold their
heads up with dignity and say they give everything to the team and have a fair
bit of ability about them with which to do so.
The rest, put simply, are
absolute garbage and that is the real legacy of Ally McCoist. His absolute
refusal to give promising young players any real chance at this Club has cost
us the ability to rebuild a decent first team.
He has said we would not have won
the Third Division with youth. He is right. But then, no one asked us to. We
wanted a blend, an amalgamation of the better quality SPL players we had and
could afford, with the best youth. Maybe 3-5 senior pros in concert with the
best young players, being tutored along the way by the veterans.
But nope. McCoist sacrificed all
that, the Faures, the McKays, the McAuslands, the Gasparottos in order his pals
like Black, Foster & McCulloch would play every match.
Look what we are left with – a
disinterested rabble of a team, an empty stadium, and management in the form of
McDowall who is not interested in cultivating the best of the youth – he has
made that clear with the dropping of Aird and the refusal to use the returned
loanees such as McAusland & Gallagher, while leaving Gasparotto and McKay
out on loan.
McDowall, or ‘Clipboard Kenny’ as
he really is, has no interest in change – he is McCoist’s puppet, and Ally
remains manager by-proxy it seems.
All that nonsense from Durie
about bringing back the youth, about giving them a chance, and the only one who
ends up getting one is arguably the worst young player at Ibrox – Kyle Hutton.
Things are starting to improve
off the pitch – Three Bears bought out Laxey, and Dave King finally put his money
in at long last to give those four a real chance of restoring the soul of the
Club. I still have massive reservations about King, given how long it took him
to do this, and I remain wary of his intentions, given his recent history, but
I am willing to afford him a chance – he and his money are better on our side
than warring with us.
But on the pitch nothing changes.
Not until this disgusting McCoist regime is finally removed in the shape of all
his pals currently running the team – and a new system brought in with new
ideas, and no airs or graces about dropping worthless mercenaries who have no
place at Ibrox.
And that includes Lee McCulloch.


  1. Whilst I tend to agree with most of what you say, I honestly feel you are being a wee bit harsh about Lee McCulloch.
    The problems for most of the players is they have been played out of position hence the reason for substandard football , Moshni and Ian Black excluded of course.
    Big Jig could do a great defensive roll behind midfield sitting in front of Zaliukas and Mcgregor We lost cammy Bell. and in came Simonsen who is utter shite and needs to go.
    We need to see Nicky Clarke up front , so there goes your backbone the mid field can play when black is not playing, so no need to panic just yet . Remember if you Know Ian Durrant then you will know how arrogant his influence would have been on these players and the pressure before they even kick a ball .GIVE KENNY AND DURIE A CHANCE PLEASE FFS.

    • you are right in what you say, did you read my thoughts? I think we may see some changes in the coming weeks..lets hope so,the pain has been too much lately..

  2. Aird is / never will be never a player , but in essence you are correct .We are more or less starting again, and it didnt have to be like this .Also the majority of those boys are NOT good enough Ally was right about that .!.

  3. Ibrox noise bang on the money again…….This regime has no tactics..McCoist and his regime blow our youth policy..This management team need to go ASAP and for your comment above give Kenny and Durie a chance…you get your head looked at too…dumb arse……………….. Aye You FFS……Season Ticket Holder for 40 Years Plus, and this is worse Team I have ever witness..This is worse than John Greig Days………………No Heart No Guts only init for the money

    • I wasn't, looking for an argument from you or any other person with your mindset only my opinion of what I see week in week out . And yes I too was there when John Grieg was struggling . What I want people like you to understand is your not a fxxking football manager so calm down to a frenzy ya fud. And for the record I don't need toget my head looked at. If you want to bam people up put yer clown shoes on an get over to the east end season ticket holder for 40 years indeed ffs.

    • Don't know if I agree totally with the full criticism of the mentioned players although can understand why you see it like that I'm there and see the same as you but I think the players are disillusioned with mcoists inept managerial tactics they were all producing the goods for the teams they were playing with before they came to ibrox too much off a coincidence that they all turn shite asoon as they pull rangers jersey on for it not too be down to the manager the players there are good enough and I believe if they were managed in the right way wed b more than good enough would hearts or hibs no taken our squad at the start of the season course they would of in all the time mcoist was manager I don't think I ever once seen him with anywhere near his best 11 on the park id like to ask him what his game plan was what style of football is it he's trying to play never had a clue from day one and a don't think anyone of us can say we can see what he was trying to do we look as bad one week winning 4-0 as we do the next drawing or getting beat and for me the blame must lie with the manager who ever he may be playing for rangers is a completely different thing than managing rangers and as much a love the wee guy to bits for what he done as a player as a manger he should have knew better you don't serve your apprenticeship as a manger at rangers you go learn a bit and manage rangers when your ready and know what your doing terry butcher with ray wilkens as number 2 for me great blend of motivator and football head and have said it for 4 year now we shall see

  4. For the most part I totally agree. A bit over the top on McCulloch, yes he shouldn't be playing now but at least he showed some loyalty to the club in it's time of need. Fraser Aird should be at Raith not McKay although that's probably one division to high for Aird!

  5. What is the point in giving mcdowall a chance when he explicitly tells us that he didnt see much wrong with what ally was doing so its business as usual whilst compounding this with the exact same team that ally signed off on. Its not worth discussion, the entire backroom staff needs to go once the boardroom reaches equilibrium.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with your article, this is the WORST RANGERS TEAM in history.I feel extremely sorry for many who contribute to this site as they are probably to young to have seen many GREAT RANGERS players who have graced IBROX. TEDDYBEAR since the 1960s.

    • But that was the old Rangers a 'Different Rangers' Winning a League cup or a Scottish cup or in time,a Premier League,will be this clubs 'first' so now is the time to prepare for these future events! obviously there will not be much cash available (thanks to McCoist and his overpaid Duds) and of course Green,s gremlins, so the fans must be patient, it could take another 3/4 years to put in a consistent challenge,but what a waste the last 3 years have been! and now that Kings bent coins have been accepted from a firm of share holders just desperate to get out,the south african crook has now got one foot in the door! no good thing! but good luck to the 3 Honest businessmen, but big Mike can still pull whatever strings, he wants to, while Charlie Chuckles is still making plenty along with the last manager who chucked it but didnae go! now milking the young dying club dry!the last of the reprobates, indeed!

  7. Agree with the article as a whole, could go further if you through I'm Ally's transfer policy with guys like peralta, Ortiz, Kyle, Sandaza, Ortiz, celik, bedoya Matt McKay, cribari, etc, etc all being disasters or chopped after 2 games.

    Where I disagree slightly is in templeton, shiels and Hutton being on your list. This simply as they haven't been given a fair crack of the whip and actually the ones open for criticism by Ally so can understand that they wouldn't have Ally on their Christmas card list. For me these guys have done far more than the guys currently holding down the jerseys In their positions ie the painter and decorator pal of Ally's, the left back Steve smith and indirectly nicky law whom Macleod was sacrificed for in centre mid due to ally's lack of faith in youngsters – another criticism of ally I could write another 100 words on.

  8. The reason McCoist did not go with youth is because the youth players were pish. Apart from 1 player who has left for 1 million without ever playing against 1 decent team and only playing in the lower leagues of Scottish football. That was a great piece of business. Look at Danny Wilson who left for over 1 million only to find himself back also playing in Scottish lower leagues. You need good young players before you can play them and unfortunately we have never had any. You cant win anything with crap kids end of !!!!!!!

  9. In regards to our playing squad & youth setup i agree with you but people need to stop questioning everyone who comes in, king and the 3 bears are good people, after lewis left i was raging but these guys have took the sting out of it, we may just have sold our best player but i dont think our clubs hit the shitters just yet, it may take time, ot could be over quickly, rangers men have a grasp now, we can only get stronger, stop the boycotts and crying, come together and buy these greenock bus wankers the fuck out our club !!!

  10. Seriously it has taken you 2.5 seasons to come to that conclusion. Since Murray took over the rangers way of winning things is to outspend the opposition. Ally just continued that tradition. Fans demand instant short term success Ally granted that until he got to a league with fulltime teams and is now shown to be out of his depth…!!!

    Our on-field performance has been unsatisfactory of late but we must be realistic in the short term. I totally agree that the level of incompetence in terms of player recruitment and development has been astounding. Standards will not improve significantly in the immediate future but there are a few issues that can be addressed.

    Mr McDowell should rethink his antiquated approach to 'damaging' young players. Lads like McAusland and Gallagher are not 16/17 year olds.
    Hearts have young players of a similar age making very good progress. Young enthusiastic, hungry players can give a new dimension to the side. Is the current policy of 30-plus, experienced players working well?
    We, the supporters, have a part to play here! The current players lack leadership, direction, skill and motivation but that is the position we are in at the moment. Get behind these young players, accept their mistakes and give them the confidence they need to develop.

  12. Just a thought…. would the fans have turned up in the required numbers for the third division if the few existing seasoned pros at the time were simply augmented by inexperienced youth.
    The experienced players like McCulloch would always be liable to injuries and suspensions which would leave the team weaker. As a direct result of this more experience was a necessity.
    A weakened team that included the existing youth could well have suffered adverse results and totally cheesed off the fans anyway and caused them to walk away at an earlier date.
    Agreed that some of Ally's signings could have done much better but feel that he was buying time in the expectation that the planned future financial stability would materialize. This would have given funds for a better class of player.
    Of course, this did not happen due to the millions squandered to the pockets of the guys in Saville Row suits

  13. signing duds like Miller and Boyd were all about maintaining the image of the lie that this new club were a continuation of the previous rangers. Only thing that is the same is the mentality of the horrible fans that want to cling to the repulsive outlook that the majority of the fans of the deceased club clung to. A modern multicultural society was too much for their hate filled 1690 outlook although worshiping a Dutch hunchback paedophile was a strange one. It was a great chance to set up the new club as the 'Scottish' alternative to Celtic's 'Irish' heritage. It could have attracted a whole new generation of young Scottish fans but the caveman antics and boycott's mean that things didn't work out well and the tribute act behave in the same supremacist manner as the sunken predecessor. This 3 year old aberration has managed to isolate itself and create dislike and distrust of it, how to gain friends and influence people eh? It is rotten and tearing itself apart from within. won't be long till it goes under and another attempt at getting it right will come along. Will the 'fans' take this chance? I doubt it.

    • This post has, understandably, been ignored; however, I do wonder how many Rangers fans would want to return to the way the heart of the club must have been between the years of 1873 and 1888. Those fifteen years, those young Victorian men who founded and laid the foundations of a football club…
      The essence of the club was tarnished with hatred for immigrants.
      Now could be the dawning of a new, hate-free football club; one the ghosts of those young Victorians may be proud of.
      How many Rangers fans do you think might be interested in entertaining ideas like these?

    • What a load of patronising crap. Your post seems to have been ignored too. Maybe because of the "dawning of a new club" nonsense. Also, probably, because you've conveniently failed to mention that the hatred has always been a two way thing and that the Celtic supporters are, and always have been, as hate-filled a mob as any other. And while sectarian songs are no longer sung at Ibrox and the religious side of things are becoming less important to the supporters, it's over at the other side of Glasgow, that things haven't changed. The Celtic board are having big problems with the vile bunch of Knuckle-draggers, the "green brigade," IRA songs are still being sung and there have been several issues recently concerning fan's behaviour. So don't come on here and lecture us about what nice supporters we should be, because while we're making progress, you've got big problems of your own.

  14. Templeton was one of Scotlands brightest talents until the 3 stooges got a hold of him. Wallace and Templeton have wasted 3 years of their career as both could play at a higher level.

  15. It never ceases to amaze when going onto a Rangers website to see comments from non Rangers fans who refer to Rangers as having died or are a tribute act ,if so why bother posting about a club that they consider to be dead , does a website for Gretna for instance attract the same level of interest .As for references to a Dutch hunchback paedophile from 1690 I have to bow to the posters superior knowledge of paedophilia as possibly he belongs to a church or supports a team which covered up such acts supposedly for the betterment of the church or football club involved , but showing little regard for the victims of such behaviour

  16. Why do you even bother to reply, only confirms how wrong Scottish football is when we sink to the level you go to in replying to a post that is also basically crap.

  17. Back to the world of Rangers and ignoring the non indigenous among us, we desperately need a manager before the weekend.
    To think I am reluctant to play Alloa, makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. And Hearts the following Friday.
    A new manager would lift the club instantly, and give us a chance to put the frightners on Hearts and also build momentum towards the Celtic game.
    And remember this brothers, we will be back, and they know it.
    All this pain will make Pittodrie 1987 feel like a friendly when we get back to the top.
    Sticking with a man who doesn't want the job and who has no belief in himself will only stretch out the suffering.

  18. Rangers single biggest failure, is not producing and developing players worthy of the game, Lewis McLeod is a decent player but he's not Lionel messi, and the same can be said of lots of players we have produced over the years, Barry Ferguson, Ian durrant, to name just two, are the only players we have produced, but can you say those were truly world class ? My own view, like that of McLeod, is they were decent players, but never near the calibre of messi. Why have we failed, to hire professional scouts or whatever you want to call them who have an eye for talent with regards football ? I can't figure out why since the year 2000 at a minimum, since the training ground has been built, we have produced, Allan Hutton, who we at least got 9mill for, Alan McGregor, who we got feck all for, who else ? Lewis McLeod? That's pretty poor, this nonsense don't play young players or they will get damaged is absolute and utter rubbish, all clubs all over Europe play young players to develop them into proper professionals, this started with ally's mentor and fellow genius in football tactics and strategy, Walter smith, so, if we want to bring success to rangers in this new century, we have to address the fundamental issues, all the major European football clubs spend big money on certain players for certain positions within their team to fit into a specific system of playing, but they all still heavily rely on producing guys like Lionel messi, who cost them nothing !

  19. Fully agree the young players are simply not good enough that's why they never get a chance but its not just rangers its the whole of Scottish football that needs to take the rap for it untill we get it drummed into Scottish youngsters too keep the ball on the carpet wel never get any better a heard as a younster playing in the game sayings like if in doubt put it out etc get us no where the technical side of the game can only be helped by having the ball at our feet the old lump up the park is what's killing us a simple thing like if ball goes above head height its a foul right up to under 18 level will leave youngsters no choice but to get more comfortable on the ball itl no happen over night but in 20 years from now wel be producing more talented all round players that are more comfortable on the ball and more aware of what's happening around them on the pitch but not just us every team from bottom to top needs to do their bit and we have to b prepared to watch shite on our way there but as a said it no going to happen over night

  20. And if we were still lingering about in leagues 1 & 2 you'd be happy as long as we played our youngsters?? The Boys all did a job, fit for purpose if you like. Never any long term goal in playing old boys, but in hard times in any job, the man in charge surrounds himself with people he can trust and who will do a job. IN ANY JOB.
    Don't kid me on that if your employer offered you a grossly over paid salary you would turn it down? ?
    Alistair will probably never be a top end gaffer, but he held the club together, united the fans, and in turn, kept the club in business. To that end, him and his "old pals act" deserve a thank-you, not slaps in the face.
    Naismith, McGregor et al did exactly what anyone else would do…..if you earn £200 per week, you live a £200 a week lifestyle. You earn £20k a week, and that's the lifestyle you live. They were employees, and quite rightly looked after themselves.
    I think we'd all do the same.

    Kevin, a bear. Always.