Fear and Loathing in Western Scotland


A curious oddity occurred
yesterday. A Scottish club showed Rangers and our fans compassion, friendship,
respect, and courtesy, not to mention downright common decency.
Airdrie United confirmed via
their club’s official Twitter that they were honouring 1971’s horrendous Ibrox
Disaster on its 40th anniversary, by holding a minute’s silence before today’s
match against Rangers at the Excelsior for those who passed away on that
catastrophic day.
The sad aspect to highlight is
that for doing the right and decent thing, and giving respect to the dead,
Airdrie are being applauded and commended by Rangers and our supporters.
Has Western Scottish society
really become so morally bankrupt that an act of standard decency is now to be
Regrettably the hate towards
their Ibrox visitors from most of the rest of Scotland suggests that even the
most basic act of human goodwill, the act of giving remembrance to the dead, is
gratefully received.
Truth is few other grounds in Scotland would
have done so, because their fans just despise Rangers too much.
And on that subject of hate, a
curious amusement took place during Rangers’ visit to Dunfermline;
Pars supporters spent pretty much the 90 minutes singing two catchy titles:
“You’re not Rangers any
more” and “Same Old Rangers, Always Cheating”
Let us start at the beginning
with the very obvious flaw here. If we are not Rangers any more, how are we the
‘same old Rangers’? Dunfermline supporters not
exactly covering themselves in intellectual glory there.
However, the more poignant
curiosity took place when I dared to make a throwaway innocuous tweet that Pars
fans were being a tad brazen-headed by singing about Rangers not being
themselves any longer, when Dunfermline
supporters have also suffered the ignominy of administration and loss of league
status too.
My point was clear; if any club
would know the pain of being in administration, it would be Dunfermline
– therefore their lack of empathy towards Rangers was stark. We accept abuse will come in from
many clubs, we do not much care. But it is a little sad that someone who has
experienced pain then makes fun of someone else experiencing similar pain. Is
that the psychology of the Scottish football fan now?
The reason I suggest this was all
a curiosity is my tweet led to the gates of hell opening. My mentions filled up
with ‘h*n’ ‘tool’ ‘thick’ ‘sevco’ ‘sevconian’ and the most common one
‘LIQUIDATION’. SPL supporters seemed to want to force down my throat that Dunfermline did not get liquidated, while Rangers did.
Actually I am well aware the Pars’ company survived while Rangers’ one did not.
But my point was related to human compassion – the fact both clubs suffered
admin, regardless of the eventual outcome. I could almost visualise angry SPL
fans foaming at their iPhones just gleefully gesturing to me that ‘Rangers are
Dead’. This led to a further 3 curious oddities which I will list now:
1: If I am a ‘thick h*n’, then
this implies ‘h*ns’ still exist. So presumably this forces the similar
conclusion Rangers still exist too?
2: My mentions after this tweet
were filled by Celtic and Aberdeen
fans in particular. Some ICT fans too. And of course one or two Dunfermline followers. Even after all this time, many SPL
supporters seem to hate Rangers more than they support their own clubs.
3: Dunfermline
continued to sing “You’re not Rangers any more” despite losing 0-4.
It seemed Pars fans cared more about singing anti-Rangers songs than they did
about their own club losing miserably. Personally if I was down 0-4 I would
sing in favour of my own club, not anti-opposition songs.
Now I am not tarring all SPL fans
with this same brush. There are a lot of good fans out there. I know many of
them. And without naming any of them I chat to a good number of them on Twitter
without any malice on either side. But what is clear is the brewing hate
against Rangers from the majority is only going to grow.
As the club improves on and off
the pitch the resentment in Scottish football that Rangers still exist will
just escalate and I genuinely fear for the safety of all Scottish football fans
when the Govan men return to the top flight.
And that is not worth singing about.


  1. I support Ayr United and I think it is totally appropriate for Airdrie to commemorate the Ibrox disaster which was horrific. I am old enough to remember! So should everybody…respect!

  2. Just proves there is no truer song than " we are Rangers super Rangers no one likes us but we dont care". And we'll done Airdrie

  3. Jst proves their is no truer song than "we are Rangers super Rangers no one likes us and we don't care" and we'll done Airdrie.

  4. Wow just wow.
    1: If I am a 'thick h*n', then this implies 'h*ns' still exist. So presumably this forces the similar conclusion Rangers still exist too?
    Elvis is dead but still has fans.

  5. Hate is a terrible word!

    I hate murderers; rapists, paedophiles and the like. I do not hate any football club or their fans – there are a lot that i feel really sorry for, but Hate? no.

    As for Rangers being singled out – this is the WOS mentality.

    Incidentally, when Rangers where relegated, only one club has actually benefited by this bizarre situation, and that club is the only one who did not make a public statement before RFC witch hunt.

    Any guesses?

  6. You are using an absolute tragedy to point score which says a lot about you. As a fan base you consistently disrespect a man who helped carry the dead and wounded on that fateful day.

    You lot are more to be pitied than despised.

    • Not sure what you are talking about but big Jock would know. We respect the souls that perished that fateful day, and anyone who assisted has never been denigrated for it.

  7. As a person who has been running a Rangers supporter's bus for over thirty years and going home and away for twenty-eight years of that time missing only a few matches in Scotland. I agree totally with the your comments on Airdrieonians decision to honour the memory of the Ibrox disaster victims.
    l am not surprised as their chairman was one of the only people who has not to put the boot into us over the last few years.
    Reason I stopped going to away matches two years ago was the way other clubs and their fans were happy or may I say celebrate our demise, then continued to give no support despite all wishing to help others in a similar position.
    For this reason there is one exception to my away match boycott and that's Airdrieonians, I was there earlier this year and going again today.

  8. Honestly who cares what the mongrels think ? personally i dont give a flying fork ! and let them sing ANY song they like because Timmy will never ever get over the plain and simple honest fact that …………..WATP ! . I love it ! .

  9. While I agree that it's important that we remember the dead, we should also remember that this disaster was totally avoidable and should never had happened. Stairway 13 was a death trap as Sherriff Irvin Smith concluded in his findings when he awarded damages against the club. There had been deaths on this stairway before. On 16 September 1961 two people were killed in a crush on the stairway, and there were two other incidents – in 1967 and 1969 – where several people were injured. It's a tragedy that those that were responsible for these deaths were never held to account by the authorities or indeed Rangers fans.

  10. The Rangers Then, Now and Forever get over it! Scottish Soccer is going down the pan, turkeys voted for Christmas and now play In front of empty seats in the top league

  11. Everyone take minute to realise that Rangers do not exist anymore. Its sevco/ the rangers/ whatever else they call themselves. They were LIQUIDATED.
    For example, if a shop goes into liquidation you cant then phone them up and get a delivery

  12. Well done Airdrieonians , a team we can respect . The fans of other teams that don`t like Rangers ?? Are we bothered ??? Our magnificent fan base will always be behind our Great Club and we need fear no one !!

    • Do not kid yourselves that Airdrie fans have any respect for the new club, its all down to one mans love for old and new club…oor big chairman. Read his comments in last nights programme, his love shines through.

    • aye right chavi. you's are bothered . you's hate being in the lower div's where you belong. the rangers you talk of are dead n now we have the new rangers. div 3 champions. NO 54 league wins NO Scottish cup wins NO league cup wins NO uefa cup NO EVEN THE RAMSDEN CUP.it's all gone son/away/offski/gan/lost/liquidated/dead….nuff said,,,,,,,R.I.P

  13. I think its only right to respect the memory of the people who lost their lives in this tradgedy
    But please spare us the nonsense that people were being disrespectful some of ure sevco fans posted some disgusting stuff about phil o,donnell and wee oscar knox

  14. if Rangers would acknowledge that they are a new club then all this hoohaa would all go away very quickly, but because they were Liquidated yet still insist they are still the same club they are bound to infuriate everyone else. You are more or less saying watp and normal rules dont apply to us.

  15. The moral crusaders out in force again I see. I asked one in my local who started for his team in their last match. He couldn't. But he had no such issue when rhyming off how much Rangers owed, how many to, and how Ibrox will be sold/leased back. These people are not Celtic supporters, they're Rangers obsessives.

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