More farce for Rangers as Dundee pitch inspection abandoned

More farce for Rangers as Dundee pitch inspection abandoned
A sodden Dens Park this morning (Credit Rangers FC)

Dundee Rangers has been plunged into YET MORE FARCE as a further pitch inspection was confirmed for 3:30, given there will torrential rain this afternoon into evening rendering even a positive outcome this morning redundant with an unplayable pitch.

The match, massively controversial as it is, is threatening to cause huge chaos, with the final match of the regular season being played this weekend meaning the Split is almost underway.

The further complication is Dundee are right in the middle of the table, meaning their Split half (Championship or relegation) won’t be known till game 33 is done at the weekend.

And if they’ve been unable to fulfil this fixture, the league can’t even technically continue.

It’s an absolute shambles to say the least, that even if the pitch was passed fit, it won’t stay that way with rain to soak the thing up and render it unplayable.

The big problem at Dens Park is the drainage, or lack of. It just doesn’t drain water properly, meaning the surface gets bogged down and turns into a swimming pool, particularly in three areas, the sideline and the two goalmouths.

Ergo any hint of rain and any home match in Dundee is in major peril, and with a forecast near-100% chance of rain this early evening, this one is going to be under a swamp again even if Don Robertson had passed it safe initially.

It is a complete mess, and if ever a club’s stadium wasn’t fit for purpose in the top flight, it’s Dundee.

This, farcically, has happened numerous times in the lower leagues to this club, with this issue being left in neglect.

Managing Director John Nelms’ brass neck in refusing to ever take responsibility and blaming everyone else doesn’t really help.

This farce goes on.

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