“Forfeit”: Rangers fans vote overwhelmingly on Dundee shambles

“Forfeit”: Rangers fans vote overwhelmingly on Dundee shambles
Dundee Managing Director John Nelms....

SPFL bosses are immensely frustrated with Dundee at present, and especially given their managing director’s refusal to apologise for the original shambles with Rangers’ postponed match plus insistence on blaming everyone else for the utter mess at Dens that day.

The problem for bosses at Hampden now is if Dundee Motherwell staggeringly goes ahead, amid the poor conditions we are now seeing envelope Scotland this weekend, the chances of the pitch being in good enough condition a few days later to host Rangers are basically nil.

With a full 90+ minutes of waterlogged conditions plus a pitch cutting up over and over again, it will be a literal marsh entirely unfit for amateur football never mind Rangers.

The match in midweek, Rangers’ important game in hand, will have to be fundamentally actioned, and we can confirm Rangers fans have voted overwhelmingly that if next midweek’s match has to be postponed again, it’s a forfeit and 3 points.

And we’d have to agree.

We are no fans of being ‘gifted’ points, unlike some clubs who enjoy being gifted titles, isn’t that right…

But the logistics of this are ridiculous – Ibrox Noise advocated that the original postponement be rescheduled as an end of the season fixture, and only if need be and the league isn’t mathematically decided by then.

There was just no real space for it.

But Rangers fans have voted if this reschedule is itself rescheduled then it’s time to dock Dundee the 3 points and just move on.

With the poll only just being opened this morning, literally 10 minutes prior to the time of writing, it’s already at 400 votes, with 370 demanding the 3 points, and just 20+ saying reschedule at Ibrox. 8 want it rescheduled at Hampden.

That’s 89% in favour of the 3 points.

We don’t like it, but we agree with it.

This is Dundee’s own fault and mess.

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