“Can hold his head high – 7” – Rangers players rated after Old Firm classic

“Can hold his head high – 7” – Rangers players rated after Old Firm classic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 07: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, celebrates after the draw during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on April 07, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Wow, an Old Firm for the ages. This really was the most chaotic, mental, topsy-turvy Old Firm for a generation, and summing that one up is far from easy.

So to make our lives even worse, we’ll offer our ratings on a day where a point felt won, rather than two dropped.


Honestly, poor at the opening goal, but pulled off a miracle save or two later on and overall was likely to have impressed watching England boss Gareth Southgate. 7


Where do we even start? This was the worst of Stevie, Beale, Gio and Clement Tav, completely at fault for the opening goal and didn’t get much better. Defensively he was a mess, torn to threads far too many time especially by serial nemesis Maeda, and while he did score another great pen and offered some good crossing as the game opened up in the second half, he just did too much damage as a ‘defender’. He won’t look back on this one with any pride. 5


Absymal. Bombscare was at some of his worst in this one, and was culpable at all three goals in varying ways. Offered little-to-no defending, and missed an open goal. We can’t wait for the usual praise from Clement about the pair of them. 4


Once again he was the one left on his own to do most of the donkey work, and did as best he could when frankly he was the only genuine defender on the pitch for Rangers. 6


Did as good as he could completely out of position and not knowing how to read the position, actually kept Kuhn fairly subdued and tackled more than anyone in the shirt aside Lawrence. Can hold his head high but was wasted here. 7


Another Old Firm in which Lunny wasn’t able to dominate – while he got a lot of the ball he wasn’t able to stand up and was frequently left isolated by Diomande. He was tidy enough but didn’t break up play as he does v lesser opponents. Did register an assist though. 6


Sorry, but we’re not really sold on this guy yet – lacks power, pace, and seems sluggish to do anything. He works hard and tackles but he didn’t click into gear with Lunny at all and there was little cohesion there. We feel Sterling is much better placed in here. 5


Absolutely horrific this guy. Constant diving cheating simulation, and regardless of whether you think it was a penalty or not, his boy cry wolf nonsense got tiring quickly. His passing was the worst on the pitch. 4


Strange call to start him, and he offered absolutely nothing – second-worst passing behind Silva, the Wales player looked out of sorts and really only put in a shift defensively. 4 tackles which is good, but his foul cost us a goal for Dessers. 5


Goodness. Another shocking Clement call here, to put this guy in from the start. In our prediction article we explained fans would rage if he started, but we knew he would. The least ineffectual display on the pitch and that’s saying something. Hooked at HT. 2


Got no ammo from those around him for so long, and can fume with Lawrence for losing him a goal, but managed an assist and never stopped working. Dessers was absolutely nowhere near one of the worst offenders and can hold his head high. 7



It’s the best he’s played for Rangers, while his goal was a bit lucky, he offered trickery and skill and won fouls, beating men. Worked hard to get to the byline and created things. He did very well. 8


Didn’t really do much aside a spat with Gollum, Cantwell once again shirked his Old Firm responsibility and worryingly, this shows neither of our prime number 10s can do it v Celtic. 5


Actually very bright, stronger on the ball than Dio, ran with it a lot and tried to make things tick when he came on. His future is unclear but he did it no harm with this cameo. 7


It’s one thing doing it v Hibs, another doing it v them, and he did it. Matondo deserves, finally, to get a shot at this club because he’s sure waited his chance. 8


Oh boy. This is a messy one. He did flub his lines AGAIN. He picked the wrong team again, wrong tactics, and without a bit of a penalty gift and admitting he got Wright Wrong, this would have been a horror of a result. Clement isn’t learning when it really counts v Celtic, and he choked as much in this one as he did at Parkhead. He got lucky that this was a chaotic match with an utterly bonkers second half, but a lot of this result, and especially that first half, is squarely on the manager. It wasn’t good enough, simply put. We just cannot beat Celtic. Mind you when Tav and Goldson are untouchable at the back, not surprising is it? 5

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