SPL confirm investigation into Dundee Rangers farce

SPL confirm investigation into Dundee Rangers farce
A sodden Dens Park this morning (Credit Rangers FC)

The SPFL are ready to make a big decision over Dundee’s diabolical farce on Sunday which saw the Dens Park side cancel Rangers’ match at the 11th hour leaving thousands of fans stranded on Tayside and the club fuming with the conduct of the home side.

The decision to cancel the match was the fourth time this season Dundee have had this happen, and with it now affecting Rangers, the SPFL’s hands have been forced and the governing body will be taking a decision on the situation.

A spokesman for the SPFL said:

“The postponement of any match is disappointing given the impact it has on supporters. This was particularly disappointing given the fact it was a live Sky Sports match and the proximity of the match to the split. The SPFL will be investigating the circumstances surrounding this postponement.”

In simple terms, ‘we didn’t really care before it affected Rangers, but now we have to have a look’.

But due to the closeness to the Split and the anger from Sky executives over losing this match, as well as it being Rangers Dundee faced, this one will now see repercussions.

Do we want the match to be awarded to Rangers?

We suggested without midweek football now that there was space for it to be fit in, but equally, the Split is hugely demanding and all Rangers’ resources will be going into that to try to win the league.

The inconvenience of an extra match thrown in isn’t great.

Regardless, Dundee will face the consequences of this one head on and word is they expect to be hammered for it.

Let’s hope the punishment is just, whatever it turns out to be.

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