Rangers players are being systematically targeted

Rangers players are being systematically targeted
DUMBARTON, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 20: John Souttar of Rangers is seen prior to the Dumbarton v Rangers - Scottish Cup match at Dumbarton Football Stadium on January 20, 2024 in Dumbarton, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers defender John Souttar comes on for Scotland at the weekend, makes a mistake out of position and in from the cold in a back three which he’s not used to, and he gets blamed by Rangers fans no less.

Nathan Patterson comes on last night, miles below match fitness and way out of the loop, makes an error and gets blamed by Rangers fans no less.

Cyriel Dessers comes on for Nigeria, through on goal, makes a duffer of a final shot and misses, with Rangers fans in swathes seizing upon this and blaming him, digging at the striker as rotten.

Notice a pattern here?

For a supporter base, this club really seems to have a lot of fans happy to offer blame to either current or past Rangers players, and slaughter them every chance they get.

More tellingly, in both Scotland and Nigeria’s cases, it was a Rangers or ex-Rangers player being blamed by the media and by our own club’s fans for the teams’ results.

Not really ideal is it?

For a fanbase quick to attack the Tartan Army for booing Northern Ireland’s national anthem (or GSTK to you and I) they are even quicker to attack their own and blame them for making an error.

Now, we’re first to admit football is emotional, and it is very natural to seek a source of blame when things go wrong. Lord, Ibrox Noise knows we do it all the time.

But the pattern of attack at pinpointing everything that goes wrong for Scotland on Rangers players, whether it’s the media, SPL fans or our own Ibrox faithful seems to be quite resolute and prolific.

In our last piece we suggested Cyriel Dessers needed some support. It was greeted with ‘he’s p*sh’ and ‘does he’?

Meanwhile Souttar, generally widely-praised this season at Ibrox for having a much stronger campaign than previous, gets absolutely lambasted for a mistake on national duty, while fans are quick to put the boot on Patterson as well.

We have certainly been critical on Ibrox Noise too, we’re no angels. Well, not all of the time.

But we do notice the pattern, where barely a word was said about the rest of Scotland or Nigerian players, and it was all pinned on our boys.

It happened to Ryan Jack as well, and it does make us wonder if this is always going to be the reaction if a Rangers player makes a mistake for their country.

Maybe it is.

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