Rangers’ latest statement really was not necessary

Rangers’ latest statement really was not necessary
BRISTOL, ENGLAND - APRIL 18: Joey Barton, Manager of Bristol Rovers, looks on during the Sky Bet League One match between Bristol Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday at Memorial Stadium on April 18, 2023 in Bristol, England. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

We have to say, if Rangers and our fans are going to be disgusted with Hearts’ snowflake reaction to the Women and their crest at Tynecastle, we can’t very well push out a pathetic, woke and watery statement thinly-veiled at Joey Barton either.

When Ibrox Noise saw this utterly unnecessary pile of virtue-signalling from our own board, it was a clear misfire.

Let Barton say what he wants, he’s figured out a path in life that suits him, and he seems quite happy with it. This is not to defend what he says, or even his right to say it, it’s just not that important to the really significant issues in life what a failed ex-Rangers player says.

But for Rangers to come out with a cryptic attack at him suggests the same pathetic mentality from our board as Hearts’ is guilty of – of pandering to ‘politically-correct’ in order to appease the extreme left who seem to have seized a monopoly on what people are and aren’t allowed to say.

And seeing our club going in this direction is troubling.

This article isn’t ‘giving oxygen’ to Joey Barton, it’s observing a real misstep from our board in doing so.

Sure, the statement didn’t mention him by name, but it got in on the fashionable act of condemning controversial views, which by force of logic is to try to silence them, and that meant Barton and his alleged misogyny and homophobia.

While these traits have no real place in a modern and civilised society, Rangers have a lot more important things to deal with than what some bloke with a Twitter account says.

Hearts looked absolute pandering when they put out that statement and that outrage – we all laughed and even Rangers-hating Neil Lennon and Tam McManus (who happily picks up a wage with our old ‘mates’ Ibrox News) condemned that nonsense.

So us then doing the same thing… it’s not for Ibrox Noise, it really isn’t.

We do not attest to speak for all Rangers fans, there may be many in our audience quite happy with that statement.

But we also suspect a few weren’t.

Let’s get on with football and 56 and leave idiots online to their own devices.

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