Ridiculous outrage over Rangers Women and CrestGate

Ridiculous outrage over Rangers Women and CrestGate
The difference? 24 months apparently....

The outrage from Hearts over Rangers and ‘crestgate’ is literally the latest in a long line of trying to be offended just for the sake of it and virtue signalling.

So, for those unaware, prior to Rangers’ Women’s Sky Sports Cup triumph yesterday, the Famous had covered the home dressing room’s crest with Rangers’ equivalent.

When this got out later, Hearts’ outrage, disgust, sense of violation you name it went to crank level 150 and all manner of statements were made against this shocking act of disrespect.

Only… Hearts also hosted it in 2022, Rangers Women did exactly the same thing back then, and Hearts didn’t utter a single word in protest.

So what’s changed in two years that sees this faux offence being meted out for all to see, when two years ago no one batted an eyelid?

The world just went further into extreme virtue signalling and snowflakery, that’s all.

Two years ago it was already getting pretty bad – Brexit, Trump, BLM, MeToo and Covid in concert with the painfully-fast and aggressive rise of social media and new woke culture had already had a massive impact on social norms and behaviour, but in present day it really is a race to be as outraged as possible and play to galleries with it.

Had Hearts beat Thistle at Ibrox, and covered our crest with theirs, which is the angle some are going with, would we have been offended?

No, it’s their day, their cup final, and they’re celebrating their result, not our club.

Would it be disparaging if the Hearts’ crest was covering ours? No, that’s not what the aim was – it was to be proud of their own hard work, and having another club crest all over their moment would be a bit ridiculous.

The fact is 24 months ago no one cared, including Hearts.

Today they virtue signal with the best of them and throw hands in the air in outrage, because social media influenced by the above list of movements seems to demand it.

It’s sad that the fun is being sucked out of life, with people and groups now compelled to be outraged by things they weren’t bothered by even two years ago.

We say Rangers Women? Enjoy your trophy and ignore the noise.

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