Rangers get a massive scare – and a massive mid-season reset

Rangers get a massive scare – and a massive mid-season reset
Cyriel Dessers wasting another chance at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Now that all is said and done after the weekend that was, how do we reflect on this one for Rangers and our fans and Philippe Clement.

We all got a lot out of our systems this weekend, especially on Ibrox Noise.

We vented about Clement himself, about Sterling, about Goldson – and 100% of you agreed with our general sentiments.

That predictably changed a little when Celtic lost, suddenly our failure on Saturday mattered a little less to some and we got abuse on Sunday afternoon for our content from Saturday night.

We were even called tims by one or two. Funnily enough it was from those types who’d been agreeing with us the previous night.

But the point?

That get out of jail card from Hearts is a massive present to us, and we’ve utterly gotten away with one.

And we’d say despite our grievances of one or two things that the Belgian maestro has done or said, he’s earned a little slack given where we are now compared with where we were when he took over.

We still support him completely.

We will always have our own views on his comments, and nothing will persuade us Sterling’s best slot isn’t in DM and Goldson’s isn’t with another club, but for now, Clement having won a trophy, taken us top of the league and got last 16 inside 5 months is worth credit.

And a lot of it.

We got a massive, massive scare this weekend.

Most fans, and Clement himself we’d imagine, assumed we’d be second after Celtic’s trip to Edinburgh, but we got away with it.

We got lucky.

Now, the Belgian must use this in Rangers’ favour and respond.

We can’t see him really changing anything, he’s too stubborn like all previous managers, but he is a champion manager, as Gio was. But he won 3IAR with two different clubs.

Clement is a serious boss.

He makes mistakes for sure, but it’s hard to argue with Rangers’ record since he took over.

We got a real bloody nose, and a nasty scare.

It was a warning, and a wake up call.

Hopefully it’s the only one we need.

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