Just why is Connor Goldson 100% immune at Rangers?

Just why is Connor Goldson 100% immune at Rangers?
Goldson with the pre-match piffle....

Not for the first time, Connor Goldson was absolutely blitzed by an opponent (Theo Blair), and not for the first time he remains completely immune and untouchable.

We’ve published so many pieces whining about the ex-Brighton man, and yet despite every error he makes and his generally-excruciating defending, he remains in place, and it’s always a battle to partner him.

It’s interesting, because we remember ex-manager Steven Gerrard saying, with tongue in cheek at the time, that the reason he always picked the lad was because he’d sulk like a child if not chosen.

Beginning to think that isn’t completely far off, but whether it’s that, or a clause in his contract, Connor Goldson is the most untouchable player at the club (well, along with Tavernier we guess, but at least he scores a tonne) and no manager drops him.

John Souttar wasn’t magical at Ibrox today, and let himself down a bit with the goal, but Goldson was then one of four defenders standing around like statues around Theo Blair as Blair found the net with ridiculous ease.

We are literally, completely, utterly and entirely sick and fed up of the sight of Goldson and his immunity to being dropped.

For six years now he’s been above reproach, no manager ever dropping him and letting him stew on the bench.

We have Leon Balogun and John Souttar, an already proven duo, and yet Clement just like Gerrard, Gio and Beale before him refuses to use anything that doesn’t have Goldson and defends him with his own life.

We’ve babbled repeatedly in the past statistically about Goldson’s repeated failings, there’s really no point harping on about those numbers and his standings among Rangers’ defenders (he’s the worst in most disciplines, btw).

It’s just infuriating that since summer 2018 he’s never been dropped for form.

Not once. He’s been ‘rested’ occasionally, and been injured a few times, but if he’s fit, he plays, simple as.

This doesn’t create a fair culture of competition around defence, it means that four defenders vie to play alongside him, and he even laughed in a press conference when asked about it recently.

Why Goldson doesn’t get dropped is beyond us. He will always make the same costly errors and doesn’t back those up with otherwise great defending.

He does our heads in, frankly.

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