Connor Goldson ‘challenged’ by journo on being ‘untouchable’

Connor Goldson ‘challenged’ by journo on being ‘untouchable’
He knows no one is touching him....

Sky Sport’s Mark Benstead has, in 6 years, become the first pundit, journalist, commentator anyone to actually present Connor Goldson with his untouchable status and hint at challenging him on it, only for the vice-captain to grin rather smugly in response…

Goldson, speaking at his pre-Dumbarton presser today, was discussing rotation at the back and how Rangers have four centre backs ‘and we can’t all play’.

Only for Benstead to break the unwritten rule that you can’t talk about that in Rangers media circles:

You play nearly every game though, so….”

Which was followed by amused laughter from all and aforementioned grin on Goldson’s mug.

Before Benstead then bailed him out by not letting him address that point directly.

As Ibrox Noise has discussed recently, a huge reason, literally, for Goldson’s untouchable nature is his height. He is massive at 6ft 3, and gets to almost every aerial ball in the ball for a clearance.

Whatever we think of his all-round defending, his aerial prowess is a major reason he keeps his place so easily, despite his faux modesty that he has to fight for the jersey.

We used to be harsher about Goldson, but once you look at the numbers, and the fact that Rangers have conceded just 11 goals in the league (the lowest by a distance), it’s evident the defence is working, with Goldson in tow.

He might not be eminently likeable, nor would he have stayed last summer year had a good Premier League offer arrived for him, but the fact are facts.

He is untouchable, and will always play if fit.

And he knows it all too well.

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