Time for Rangers (and Sunderland) to leave Beale alone

Time for Rangers (and Sunderland) to leave Beale alone
ROTHERHAM, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 29: Sunderland head coach Michael Beale takes a drink during the Sky Bet Championship match between Rotherham United and Sunderland at AESSEAL New York Stadium on December 29, 2023 in Rotherham, England. (Photo by Ed Sykes/Getty Images)

There is undeniably a bit of a witch hunt going on about Michael Beale now that the former Rangers manager has been made former Sunderland manager as well.

We all know fine well what a fail he was at Ibrox, that despite an impressive win rate for his first season, he struggled horribly in preseason and then this season, before the pressure told and he moved on.

It happened again at the bizarre choice of Sunderland, a club he clearly didn’t fit and who shouldn’t have appointed easily the most unpopular manager in their history.

But while Ibrox Noise has few kind words to say about Beale or his Rangers past, there is a line, and it’s maybe time to leave the man alone to sort his career out.

We’re seeing a lot of backlash from Rangers supporters in light of his latest sacking, with a lot of ‘I told you so’ and ‘f*ck him’ style sentiments.

And fans are allowed to have those feelings, completely entitled to them. But what we’d now draw a line on is continuing that witch hunt and not letting him wallow in peace.

We know that a lot of the Black Cat fan reaction towards him was borderline hate-filled and downright nasty, and while some might argue he’s his own worst enemy at times, there’s still no excuse for threats or personal insults.

Rangers fans have also had their say, and of course this includes Ibrox Noise – we’ve tried not to be nasty, because we should be better than that.

There’s a lot of emotion when Michael Beale is involved – he was a truly terrible manager and a horrific choice from Ross Wilson and Stewart Robertson, not to mention Douglas Park.

It does light the litmus paper when his name surfaces in the news, and Ibrox Noise, for one group, believes enough is enough.

We all have our opinions of him, and while we’re well aware of a lot of the ridiculous things he did at Rangers then Sunderland there’s no point kicking him when he’s on the floor.

He was bad. Very bad. But we’re in a better place now under Philippe Clement.

There’s only so much you can flog a dead horse with, and we’d say we should let sleeping dogs lie now.

And that’s enough animal puns from us.

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