Sky Sports’ Rangers latest from Ibrox amid Oscar Cortes signing

Sky Sports’ Rangers latest from Ibrox amid Oscar Cortes signing
Luke Shanley at Ibrox today reporting on the latest.

Sky Sports’ Luke Shanley has confirmed today that Rangers are closing in on Oscar Cortes, but that the deal still has work to do on it to get it ‘over the line’.

The intrepid reporter was today at Ibrox to offer the latest news on Rangers’ deadline day efforts, and while the theme was fairly positive, the Colombian appears to require a bit more time to get it ratified and sorted before today’s 11:30PM gong sounds.

This slightly contradicts the fan media who claimed yesterday the deal was imminent and would be announced soon, it appears that those claims were a bit premature and it could be deep into Thursday before the official announcement is made.

But to get to that point still appears to require a bit more paperwork and preparation before the deal can be confirmed.

He also stopped short of actually verifying Cortes is even in Glasgow at present, with only some fan media and red tops actually claiming that.

Surely the boy would have to be here to get the deal done, but we just cannot know anything yet.

As for other business, Shanley was unable to confirm or announce anything, only saying that ‘maybe with luck one or two other deals can be done as well’, which essentially means there’s absolutely nothing concrete in the pipeline as the clock ticks down quickly towards 11:30.

There are some names now slowly popping up, but it’s all rumours and conjecture, player agents leaking names out to try to drum up interest in their clients and connecting that to Rangers.

Rangers’ name is used a lot in this way not that we’re the only club in that boat.

But as things stand, Cortes’ name is the only one with even remote gravity behind it for today, and while we are working with our sources to see if any more names are on the horizon, it really is rather quiet at the moment.

If we get any more you’ll be the first to know.

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