Rangers fans don’t all agree on the best XI – and that’s alright

Rangers fans don’t all agree on the best XI – and that’s alright
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 17: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, celebrates victory at full-time following the Viaplay Cup Final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on December 17, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If there’s one amusing ‘side effect’ of having what appears to be a great manager, top of the table, and great results right now, it’s the banning, by some fans, of discussing the team.

Specifically, discussing the Rangers squad, best players, best XI, and sub choices.


Because some supporters are wishing to censor such debate, dismissing any conversation and rejecting it with ‘trust in the manager’ or ‘whatever Clement picks works for me’.

The same fans, of course, will slaughter Scott Wright or Ben Davies’ name in the starting XI later in the day, naturally.

But there is a real sycophancy with some fans at the moment, that with Rangers lucking out and seemingly finding a great manager, that we’re no longer allowed to debate best teams, best starters, best players, best defence you name it, because as long as the team is winning, the manager’s judgement is being trusted.

And we do agree on the face of it absolutely – we’ve said already that if Clement wants to start Ronald McDonald up front and we still win, we can’t have any real argument about that.

But we are still allowed one if we want.

A lot of fans don’t like Scott Wright, Ben Davies, and furthermore, Rabbi Matondo and Fabio Silva are a spot divisive in themselves as well. Fans are allowed to react with confusion or frustration as their names appear in the XI.

They are also allowed to pick their best teams, to choose their favourite players, to select this that and the next thing without being labelled ‘armchair managers’ or censored with the ‘I’ll let the manager decide’ nonsense.

Football, our friends, is about discussion – the day we reject opinions and discussion based on having a good manager is a very worrying day.

If we can’t say we dislike Connor Goldson or Borna Barisic for fear of some sycophant coming in and telling us off, pointing to Philippe Clement and saying ‘I think he knows better, don’t you’ then we may as well all pack up our things and go home.

Clement is absolutely earning fans’ trust, and he’s doing a stellar job, no one would deny it and we’re all loving it.

But it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed our own opinions on teams and players.

As long as we are all behind the team and offer support for the 90 minutes then we don’t see a problem in not everyone rating Scott Wright.

It’s all about views, no?

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