No more Mr Nice Rangers – time for James Bisgrove to get hands dirty

No more Mr Nice Rangers – time for James Bisgrove to get hands dirty
James Bisgrove Rangers CEO....

Ibrox Noise’s Derek today compiled a piece on how to get fairness in refereeing and VAR, because, as we have seen, there is a lack of professionalism in there for sure.

He makes a valid point – Celtic ARE a lot better at pressuring the SFA and the referees into giving them more slack and making more bad decisions against other clubs, such as ourselves.

It’s less a conspiracy, and more arm twisting and having influence over the refs, who themselves are generally fairly neutral, if incompetent.

Rangers are absolutely terrible at doing this.

Now, there’s a few ways of looking at it – you could argue Rangers are better at being honest, that we ‘don’t need refs to win matches’ and that’s a decent way to look at it. We don’t want to cheat, basically.

But at the same time, nice guys finish last, don’t they.

Do we honestly believe with the events of Everton and Forest down south that Man City have absolutely no influence at the upper levels of English football?

All three club broke pretty much the same spending rules, yet only City got away with it. It’s in the press all the time about how City are accused of this and that, yet they really didn’t have any major incriminations to face. Everton and Forest were heavily punished.

Yet Rangers? Look at 2012, and how strong-armed we were by Scottish football, with Celtic especially influential there.

Basically we’re not very good at forcing our way at the top authorities in the game, we’re too timid and nice, dare we say it.

Lawwell, ex-CEO now chairman over there knows exactly how to get his fingers in all the pies – and how to enforce a bit of influence.

Stewart Robertson had a place on the SPFL board and SFA board on and off for years and did absolutely nothing with either of them.

James Bisgrove, mercifully, got on the SPFL board last summer but it’s too early for him to have a major impact, but hopefully he will.

Is it cheating? It’s not ‘cheating’ if your rivals are doing it.

It’s time for Rangers to stop being Mr Nice Rangers and push our agenda into the top of the game – without it, the refs will continue to be pushed by that lot across the city and Collum will just ignore hand balls.

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