Feet on the ground, Rangers fans, feet on the ground

Feet on the ground, Rangers fans, feet on the ground
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Rangers fans look on during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on September 1, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise has had a few disgruntled Rangers fans telling us we’re negative, mainly for the recent piece in which we warned about Hearts’ current form.

Unfortunately, the outcry from a few is precisely why we penned that piece, because we’re already getting ‘entitlement’ vibes from some supporters, who seem to think ‘we’re the Mighty Rangers, we should be winning everything’.

And that is true on a level, but Philippe Clement has only been here four months, hasn’t actually beaten Celtic, lost to Aberdeen on their patch and while the turnaround domestically has been gigantic, we refuse to get carried away. Even with a precious League Cup.

Ibrox Noise suggested that we enjoy the weekend and being top of the league, but a new week should bring us back to earth and we had to start again.

We stand by that.

We warned before 55 that we did NOT want Rangers to ‘do a Liverpool’ of complacency, entitlement, resting on laurels and an assumption ‘everything was done now’. They didn’t win the league for 30 years and behaved incredibly sanctimoniously and entitled once they did. It fell apart fast.

The club and the fans did, and look what happened – more interested in selling keyrings, a sense we had the best team and didn’t need to do much more, and it had all fallen into place.

Manure. It fell to pieces and we crumbled.

We are already getting those vibes from some fans already, who seem to think we ‘should’ beat Hearts and ‘we just need to play our own game’ and we’ll win everything.

We have literally just gone 2 points clear, and already some fans seem to think the job is done.

Some supporters have fallen into the Liverpool 55 trap all over again, and show no respect for the opponents at all.

Rangers, REMAIN, a work in progress. This may be a great manager, but he still has a tonne to do along with the squad to get back to dominating Scotland.

With some supporters, there’s a real arrogance already, and we heavily warn against such assumption.

We are absolutely Rangers, and we absolutely typically SHOULD be winning everything, but 3 trophies since 2012 isn’t quite the level that justifies such belief right now, and we still need to get back into the position where we have genuinely justified expectation.

Until then, we work hard, we keep progressing, and we put our faith in Philippe Clement to get it right. And there will be stumbles along the way too.

Because nothing, and we mean, NOTHING is decided by 12 points in a row v the bottom four teams.

We follow on.

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