Celtic slip makes advantage Rangers, but there’s a LONG way to go

Celtic slip makes advantage Rangers, but there’s a LONG way to go
Rangers manager Philippe Clement barking orders at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

So as 99% of Rangers fans will now surely know, our chums across the city made a big, big slip up today, dropping yet more points at home to Kilmarnock.

Ibrox Noise argued earlier on that no matter what the result was, the idea of Rangers ‘just winning every match to win the title’ was, while technically true, utterly ridiculous and would take a monumental feat to win all of 13 remaining matches.

See, the thing a few supporters probably haven’t noticed in the past four or five matches is all of our opponents have been bottom-four or five or even worse.

Livi, County, Aberdeen, and Ayr in the cup from the Championship.

The only team we’ve beaten of any major gravity recently was St Mirren away, and that was a weird match in which we played a long way off great.

What we’re saying is we’re absolutely delighted to potentially secure a two point lead on Sunday, but after our trip to Perth, another bottom-feeding side, we’ll be facing a bunch of tough teams in good form – Killie, Hearts, Motherwell – these are all teams capable of taking points from us, and complacency isn’t acceptable.

Rangers fans thinking the league is in our hands aren’t exactly wrong, but they need to remember these tricky upcoming matches could easily take it out of our hands,

So what does all this mean?

It means our feet must firmly remain on the ground – we are allowed to enjoy ‘that lot’ slipping up, of course we are, it’s part of football rivalry, we shouldn’t be so stuck up that we can’t point and laugh.

That doesn’t make us ‘obsessed’, it makes us football fans enjoying seeing our main rivals stumble.

They do it to us, we do it to them.

What it really means is it’s, for now, advantage Rangers – we must go to Perth, and get the 3 points. A few goals would be nice too, but now that Celtic have slipped up, the GD is not as significant as it was. But then, we say, we’re sure we have a slip up or two coming too.

A meltdown or two as well.

It’s part of football.

We’re letting ourselves enjoy Celtic’s stumble for now, but we’re well aware it’s far from plain sailing to the finish line ourselves.

Kris Boyd, for once, was right – it will take a big effort to win the title, just because we have a very very tough run of games coming up.

Clement’s Rangers look strong, but the bigger and stronger they are, the harder they fall.

One match at a time.

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