Ridvan to stay? Rangers boss hints Yilmaz isn’t leaving

Ridvan to stay? Rangers boss hints Yilmaz isn’t leaving
Clement seemingly confirming Ridvan's stay....

Confirming what we already knew, Philippe Clement has revealed there was no such talk with reportedly wantaway Ridvan Yilmaz where the Turk purportedly demanded to leave.

The Rangers manager was quizzed on these fatuous reports, which Ibrox Noise explained yesterday were fabricated lies, and he doubled down on what we said, elaborating that he did indeed talk to Ridvan, like the rest of the players, but there was nothing about him leaving.

He said:

“No, there’s not been talks around that (any potential exit), we had our individual talk like we did with all the players in training camp.”

So simple as that.

Ridvan hasn’t asked to leave, and it’s legitimately looking at this point like the entire story was completely fabricated from the ground up by both Turkish and Italian press.

Now, we do know he WAS unhappy a few months ago, and sought to leave due to lack of playing time, but that’s absolutely changed in the past month+, and he’s become first choice under Philippe Clement with consistently excellent performances, so he’s definitely not unhappy for that reason any more.

Does he still plan to leave?

No idea, only one who knows that is himself, because Clement has assured us the left back and he did not discuss any exit from the club while chatting in Spain.

Instead, it was the chat he had with all the players, open honest discussions with them all about everything – their future, their working points, about everything that is important.

Nowhere in here, says Clement, was there any notion of the Turk leaving. Indeed he goes on:

“With Ridvan clearly it was a good talk because afterwards he played.”

So that appears to be that.

Unless a big big comes in, like for any other player, Ridvan stays at Rangers.

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