Rangers: Turkish press won’t let Ridvan story go amid Montella claim

Rangers: Turkish press won’t let Ridvan story go amid Montella claim
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 29: Ridvan Yilmaz of rangers is seen during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at Ibrox Stadium on October 29, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This morning Rangers fans are being ‘treated’ to incredible ITK gossip where a Ridvan Yilmaz conversation with Philippe Clement was quoted word for word.

Yes, as you’ve probably realised, we’re using a hint of sarcasm, and do wonder how indeed such a sensitive private chat was made so public…

For posterity, here’s what the quote claims:

“Let me go there and play all the time, let me be selected for the national team”

The chap making these claims is a Osman Şenher of notorious Turkish media which, we must say, is about the least reliable or trustworthy of any European press that we’ve seen.

Turkish media quite happily makes things up, total fabrication, for traffic and attention.

The outstanding Osman also claims Turkey manager Vincenzo Montella got on board a plane, flew to Glasgow and said:

“If you play continuously in the next matches, I will include you in the EURO 2024 candidate squad.”

Again, that fly on the wall there must have been jotting things down with a pen and paper. How accurate.

Why Mr Montella didn’t just FaceTime the boy or Zoom his backside we don’t quite know, but the Ridvan story is dynamite for the Turks and their media.

It’s a constant source of speculation, and they treat other players much the same way. All players there are massive for creating headline after headline, and while we know the Scottish media is hardly known for its reliability either, the Turks take the fiction to a new level.

If you want to know what’s 99% not happening, read the Turkish press.

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