Rangers shut down media links amid transfer window

Rangers shut down media links amid transfer window
Clement wily with the BBC to say the least....

While every player under the sun and his dog is being linked with Rangers, there’s no denying that the club is keeping their noses clean, after tightening up ‘leakage’ to official media partners.

4lads, Heart and Hand and Rangers Review have all been conspicuously quiet about transfer targets the past month, and there’s a very good reason for that:

Rangers’ new board no longer gives the media partners that kind of information any more.

Even Rangers Review with Chris Jack, who would like to think himself the board’s best mate, admitted recently that they have absolutely no information on targets, apart from to allege that there is no interest in Forest’s Emmanuel Dennis.

Apart from that?

The ITK types are all in with the ‘I’m told’ patter but no one really knows anything, simply because it’s become protocol inside Ibrox now not to leak the information.

So where does it come from?

Agents and other clubs.

See, we on Ibrox Noise get some legitimate info like everyone else, but it’s not coming from Rangers. It’s coming from sources outside the club, linking in with agents, and with clubs Rangers are trying to do business with.

Rangers themselves have shut up shop and want all their business kept in-house.

They can’t control outside extraneous and external variables, of course, but they can limit their info.

Once upon a time the 4lads and H&H of this world had a lot of ‘exclusive’ info, now they get nothing.

Now, like ourselves, they have their sources in the Rangers and football world, and they get plenty things wrong. Just like us.

But Rangers’ policy now is not to leak anything quietly to these partners, and it’s really an educated guessing game for all Rangers groups to try to bring you accurate information about who we’re after and who’s leaving.

We do our best, but, rightly, Rangers aren’t making it easy any more.

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