Rangers must dig deep to keep Ibrox star John Lundstram

Rangers must dig deep to keep Ibrox star John Lundstram
DUMBARTON, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 20: John Lundstram of Rangers celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Dumbarton v Rangers - Scottish Cup match at Dumbarton Football Stadium on January 20, 2024 in Dumbarton, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Pay him what he wants.

Ibrox Noise has already advocated giving Rangers midfield titan John Lundstram the wage he deserves, the going rate for a midfielder of his calibre, even despite some ‘fans who know better’ stating some days ago he wasn’t worth it and his Premier League experience was irrelevant.

But if any Rangers fan think he’s not worth a serious wage increase after watching his display last night at Easter Road, then clearly there’s no reasoning with them.

The man was everywhere – outstanding in every aspect of the game and the pitch, and he was Ibrox Noise’s MOTM (yes, MAN of the Match) even outshining the utterly brilliant Ridvan Yilmaz.

Lunny is clear he wants to stay, and he’s been vocal about that many times. Philippe Clement wants to keep him, in this form he’s a machine of a boy and one of Rangers’ most reliable assets.

It’s now a case of paying the boy the fair rate he asks for.

Lunny is not demanding £50K. He knows the club can’t and won’t afford that.

But if Danilo and Goldson are getting in the region of £40K each (for doing bog all let’s face it) Lunny wants to be closer to their pay grade.

He’s on around £22K at the moment, but he’s worth more. He is clearly worth more.

And he won’t be taken for a fool.

If Rangers won’t pay him what he’s worth, he will have to leave for someone who will.

It’s not all about money – he wants to be at Rangers, but it’s just not fair if he’s being paid half the wage of Danilo for doing a trillion times more.

And we totally agree.

He was brilliant at Easter Road and has been very good the whole season.

Rangers can’t lose him because he is both a top player on the ball, off the ball, and he truly wants to be at this club.

Get this sorted or lose him.

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