Poor show from Rangers board after ex-kitman payout

Poor show from Rangers board after ex-kitman payout
Rangers former kitman Jim McAlister....

We’ve not covered this extensively but the Jim McAlister story reached its end today as the ex-Rangers kitman, who was promoted to chief following the passing of Jimmy Bell, won a court battle with the club following unfair dismissal.

Rangers were ordered to pay him £13,000.

It really was a very, very ugly story this one – we don’t know why Rangers fired him, we’ve heard the rumours but we refuse to go near them given he’s clearly won his case and that suggests the words on the wire were absolute nonsense.

In short, in preseason last year McAlister was shock-dumped by the club, but from what we understand the entire dressing room and former manager Michael Beale were extremely unhappy with the board’s decision and it created a lot of friction.

Not within the squad per se, they were united in disappointment over this, but with the board, who as part of the overall shakeups seemed to make McAlister a victim and he was caught in a cross fire.

Well, he won the battle and very few Rangers fans are on the board’s side over this – he lost a lot of salary from this and we hope the £13K payout is compensation enough for what he has clearly been through.

Indeed, this is a 16-month battle McAlister has been through, and although he did quickly land on his feet with a good gig out in Saudi Arabia with Steven Gerrard’s Al-Ettifaq, nevertheless it’s well-documented he’s a lifelong Rangers fan and taking the club to court was the last thing he wanted to do.

Indeed, his job as chief kitman was a dream come true to him, his words, and he was in his absolute element with his dream job at his team.

But then a year later he was fired without any reason given.

It left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth and wasn’t the kind of good vibe publicity the club needs.

A strange, bizarre and it seems ‘wrong’ and unfair decision and it’s cost the club a modest amount of cash but a huge amount of damage.

Stupid stupid stupid.

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