Philippe Clement is closing in on the Rangers squad he wants

Philippe Clement is closing in on the Rangers squad he wants
Philippe Clement giving us the latest at the presser....

There’s no denying we’re all excited by the rather exciting addition of Ivory Coast’s Mohamed Diomande, widely-regarded as the Danish League’s most marketable asset. Rangers got a player with mega-potential value for free for now, with an obligation of £4.5M fee in the summer.

But it hasn’t quite addressed the striker and winger issue.

While Cyriel Dessers is now a lot more popular than he was 36 hours ago, the alternative choice remains Fabio Silva who hasn’t exactly set Ibrox on fire yet, albeit he clearly needs some matches to get up to speed.

And on the wings we have 4 (or 5) options but no one truly convincing yet, albeit Rabbi Matondo is coming onto a game.

Most fans would concede goals, defence and midfield are all fairly comfortable now, but the wings and attack just need a couple more bodies.

And that’s what we wonder about for the final two or three days of January’s window.

It doesn’t stop us bringing in free agents beyond the 31st, but it will stop any transfers or loans after that, and that time space is narrowing.

Manager Philippe Clement has confirmed we’re still working tooth and nail to try to secure more in the final days, and we’ll work till the last minute, so it’s good that the club hasn’t stopped at Silva and Diomande.

Form post-new year has been decent. Dumbarton was decent despite the abhorrent conditions, and Hibs was great. The St Mirren mess was just that, but we take the 3 points and move on.

And now we need to seal the squad deal for the rest of the season, with a flanker and goalscorer being the final pieces we could really do with.

But the budget is modest. We have effectively zero cash to play with, it seeming like even Ibrox Noise’s £3M information may have been optimistic. It appears the budget is closer to hee haw, sadly.

But what can we do with that?

Shankland? Manhoef? Miovski?

We guess we’ll see as the clock ticks down.

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