No transfer deals yet for Rangers as January advances…

No transfer deals yet for Rangers as January advances…
He must be losing a bit of patience... (Credit Rangers FC)

There seems to be a major problem for Rangers in this transfer window, aside the lack of new faces:

Not only can Rangers not match Celtic for wages and transfer fees, but players just don’t seem to want to come to Ibrox this window.

Every single link Rangers get connected to effectively turns us down – Josh Doig wasn’t interested, David Jurasek has other options he prefers and Gijs Smal’s trail went quiet.

There are a few ‘dregs’ floating around but nothing tangible is happening and the only news we’ve had lately is Ridvan Yilmaz allegedly seeing a €3.4M offer from Galatasaray loan to buy deal being rejected. We honestly do not know if Verona are or ever were interested in the Turk.

While some sites try to keep the Shankland stuff going, the deal (if there ever was one) is dead in the water for now because he’ll just cost too much. We can’t afford the circa £6M+ he’ll cost. He would love to come but it’s just not economically viable.

Which leaves us, right now, in more or less exactly the position we were on December 31st although we have been strengthened by the arrival of Fabio Silva and the exit of hopeless Lammers (he was garbage v Vitesse, don’t let the media and morons fool you).

As far as transfers and/or loans go, we are absolutely running out of time – we simply haven’t managed to do anything, and as we keep whining about on Ibrox Noise, we’re painfully close to panic-buy territory now. Anything that arrives after this weekend, unless it’s a long-term link we’ve been monitoring for an extensive period, is a panic-buy.

It’s not been a good window at all so far, it has, in fact, been the worst window for years, and probably the worst window Rangers have had since the transfer embargo was lifted in 2014.

We were told this club would be active, and while we know that January is a difficult month we needed a lot more than a Wolves benchwarmer (in truth he wasn’t even that), with all due respect to the lad.

Of course, time isn’t up, but it is running out, and with only 16 days left till the window is closed, there’s even less time till the matches which matter resume.

Manager Philippe Clement admits the club is working day and night to get targets, but unfortunately it’s just not happening yet.

It’s a mite concerning and we really hope for some good news this week.

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  1. We’ve not even managed to buy another dud ffs😂,even the duds n crocks dont wanna come😂

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