Mystery over Rangers’ Ridvan as ‘departing’ Turk plays v Hertha

Mystery over Rangers’ Ridvan as ‘departing’ Turk plays v Hertha
Ridvan with the League Cup...

So there’s real mystery surrounding the supposed departure of Rangers’ Turkish left back Ridvan Yilmaz.

The main feature here is why on earth would a player on the supposed verge of leaving not only be at Rangers’ Spanish training camp but actively playing in a mere friendly?

Now, we’re aware Antonio Colak attended Rangers’ summer camp just before he left as well, but he was clearly forced out by Michael Beale and was told he had no future at the club. He didn’t want to leave.

But Yilmaz is well-documented to want to try something new – he has no axe with Rangers, but having been here 20 months and never having been first choice the young Turk wants to give a fresh environment a go, if it is possible.

And reports claimed he’d touched down in Italy to sign on with Hellas.

But there he was, giving a friendly a lot of his attention and being one of the few who actually did give it some heart.

Now, if he’s on the verge of a move, why risk him?

Even if it’s a loan, why on earth was he selected?

Rangers had Johnly Yfeko who easily could fit in at LB if needed, and there was the second half 3 at the back too… so there was no ‘reason’ that Ridvan had to play yesterday. It was a friendly.

Does this mean the whole story is fiction?

Manager Philippe Clement was asked about Ridvan, and in typical fashion, he refused to directly mention him, but did say this:

“It is the same as the situation with the rumours about players coming in. As long as players haven’t signed somewhere else and they are here, they are still with us.”

This is a literally meaningless comment, which is what the boss does with signings and exits – he states the facts as they currently are, and never addresses the speculation directly.

So what is going on with the Turk?

Sky Sports claims a deal is close, ‘advanced’ they said, but why would Ridvan be risked when he’s that close to an exit.

Is it just strange management?

No, we don’t have answers – it’s just a general query, we suppose…

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