Michael Beale’s Rangers signings actually weren’t THAT bad….

Michael Beale’s Rangers signings actually weren’t THAT bad….
Rangers' English goalkeeper #01 Jack Butland celebrates at the end of the UEFA Europa League group C football match between Glasgow Rangers and Real Betis at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 21, 2023. Glasgow Rangers won 1 - 0 against Real Betis. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

With the inevitable exit of Sam Lammers cheering up Rangers fans one and all, Ibrox Noise wanted, in a shock change (hell we were even nice to James Tavernier recently) to offer some praise to Michael Beale.

Yes, read that again. Michael Beale.

Most fans remain aghast that he spent £16M+ and brought in sh*te for that cash, but the truth is Beale signed very few players who didn’t really work out.

Indeed, the previous summer saw Matondo, Tillman, Ridvan, Davies, Colak and Lawrence under Gio and Wilson (not to mention Zukowski, Sands, Ramsey and Diallo in winter) and it would be fair to say that only one of them was even a remote success for Rangers.

Whereas last summer and January saw Raskin, Cantwell, Dowell, Butland, Balogun, Cifuentes, Danilo, Lammers, Sterling and Dessers.

Of that lot, Lammers, Cifu, Dowell, and maybe Danilo are fails or borderline, but Raskin, Cantwell, Butland, Balogun, Sterling and Dessers have actually worked out quite well overall.

It’s clear Michael Beale actually mostly had an eye for a player, but he wasn’t able to manage them.

He could bring in the talent, quality players, but he was unable to actually plan and build a system that would work for either the club or the league, and he ended up a disaster. Out of his depth.

But let’s not pretend that Sterling, Dessers, Balogun, Butland, Cantwell and Raskin have all been fails, because they haven’t. That’s £11M quite well spent.

Of all his signings, 6 have worked out from ok to great, while 4 have been meh to rubbish. Sadly the rubbish also cost £11M.

Sure, it’s not the level you want from Rangers, but it’s now becoming clear that these players, 60% (6 out of 10), were actually ultimately decent signings.

Which is a lot better than the previous year under Gio and Wilson, where barely one player of the entire 12 months was a win.

So yes, a rare occasion when Mr Beale isn’t being abused by Ibrox Noise.

Still, we do need better overall than Cyriel Dessers.

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