Tragedy hits Rangers hitman as Roofe breaks down again

Tragedy hits Rangers hitman as Roofe breaks down again
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 15: Kemar Roofe of Rangers goes down with an injury during the Viaplay Cup Semi-final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on January 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s pretty clear, unfortunately, that Kemar Roofe’s Rangers career will never take off. Visibly upset last night, the Jamaica international had to come off after 15 minutes with injury, his latest setback being rounded on by some unfair fans who quickly forgot his last 16 £3M+ winning goal on Thursday.

Terms like ‘ship him out’ and ‘get him chased’ and ‘f*ck him’ seemed a bit over the top for a player who only 5 days earlier was being celebrated loudly by the same fans.

But while we oppose the language and sentiments, we can’t disagree with the overall principle.

Roofe has been a disaster, sadly – in 3 and a half years just 93 appearance and shockingly only 4500 minutes total.

And yet, it remains hard to be explicitly brutal on him – 38 goals in those 93 appearances, just under one in two is a fantastic return for one who simply cannot stay fit for any significant length of time.

We understood Rangers were working on releasing him last summer year, but it didn’t materialise, and Roofe will go down as one of the saddest cases of injury shambles the club has had in recent memory.

Yet it’s clear how good he is. Roofe is one of the most naturally clinical finishers we’ve recently seen at Rangers – up there with Antonio Colak and, amusingly, Abdallah Sima.

He generally takes almost every good chance he gets, but has been chronically unable to get momentum with it.

Imagine what numbers the boy would have got if fit – if he’d been able to sustain a run of games and put the miles in.

He should have had hundreds of Rangers appearances, and we bet he’d be a 2 in 3 kind of striker. A really hot hitman who would be big-money and earn us a fortune when sold to some Premier League side.

But he just cannot stay fit, and it’s a tragedy.

We’re not going to speculate on ‘attitude’ in this case – it’s all rumour and buzzwords – all we can say is Roofe is a really sad case of what might have been.

He could have been a Rangers legend, and he should and hopefully will be fondly remembered for his goals, but we’d imagine there isn’t a dog in hell’s chance his contract will be renewed in the summer.

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  1. Roofe has that trait that all the top strikers have in positioning, i play at Amatuer level as striker and they say you cant learn it your just born with the skill. But if you have it, it doesnt matter if your bad at a lot of other traits n skills if you have that positioning one that your in right place right time and you can finish even decent then you’ll bang a load of goals in each season.

      • Damn ! We shouldnt let them ruin our fun and love. I totally 100% understand you shutting it down just now, but we dont do walking away remember ? 🙂 dont back down please guys. This is only fan website i use, and have done now for many years. I check it every single day. Just so you know we arent all like that, most of us love it here.

  2. For me this is the first error PC has made playing Roofe from the start,hes a supersub for the last 15-20 mins at best,i think we all know that,you cant force these things,thats the way it is with him,he still has a part to play for us especially in europe🫡

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