Rangers fans are concerned with some of Clement’s comments

Rangers fans are concerned with some of Clement’s comments
Clement isn't thrilled with the bare-bones squad he has.

So we touched on this earlier, but we do want to take a more in-depth look at Rangers manager Philippe Clement’s comments recently, especially last night.

Now, this is a guy we were all praising for his straight-talking and canniness with the media, well, that seems to have done a runner and he’s now spouting utter rubbish into the press just like his predecessor.

It began? Against Hearts. We weren’t thrilled on Ibrox Noise after his post-match comments in which instead of being angry with his team for such a horrific display, which we’d fully expected given his high standards, instead he praised their attitude for working till the end, and let’s face it, one good cross and a decent header was the difference, not a hard and constant graft where we peppered Hearts’ goal the whole match. We were not happy that he was happy with this subdued match. Fans of coursed praised the manager for what he said, we didn’t.

And then the next instance was Aberdeen. Where he claimed we ‘deserved’ the 3 points, which, of course, is absolute mince. We hit the post a few times and Roos made some decent saves – to say we ‘deserved’ is just loser talk. You don’t get awards for hitting the post or bar and there’s no such thing as ‘deserve’ in football. You earn your wins. That’s it. We got some real pelters from some supporters for calling this out.

But it’s the stuff last night that many supporters are noting with concern.

First of all can he just drop this ‘story’ patter, we’re already as fed up hearing that rubbish as we are with hearing Tavernier is ‘disappointed’ and we’ll ‘learn’ from this.

Secondly, criticising the fans was not a good move. Basically he inferred that the fans were a part of the result, and should have done better. Criticising the players, we endorse, but then he picked the personnel he did, in the positions that he did, and didn’t admit any fault on his own part for doing so. Pitting any blame on supporters is a surefire way to make yourself very unpopular very quickly, and the response to last night from fans as a result has been a tonne less magnanimous than it was post-Pittodrie.

And then there’s the Cantwell spat. First he scapegoated Todd’s admittedly struggling display by hooking him early, to which the player responded with understandable annoyance because he was out of position, then the manager blamed him post-match for essentially not being a winger. Well no kidding Sherlock?

No, these last two matches have been well below Clement’s shining hours, and already he’s clearly feeling the pressure of what it is to be Rangers manager.

We did note it v Hearts, but it’s come into major focus now the past two.

Clement is still in his early days as boss, and this isn’t his P45, but so much of the good work done the last 6 weeks feels to have unravelled a little and we’re right back to where we were under Mick.

Boy do we need a serious January window and our manager needs to learn what not to say to the press.

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