Philippe Clement plays chess with Rangers… and wins…

Philippe Clement plays chess with Rangers… and wins…
SEVILLE, SPAIN - DECEMBER 14: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, applauds the fans after the team's victory during the UEFA Europa League 2023/24 match between Real Betis and Rangers FC at Estadio Benito Villamarin on December 14, 2023 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

And we continue The Dream!

What a game!

What a performance.

Let’s just give everyone in our team one huge round of applause for all doing their part. They deserve it.

But I want to say the result last night was no fluke. When I penned yesterday’s prediction, I knew many would think I had taken one too many. But the fact is Philippe Clement truly is the real deal.

We FINALLY have a manger who can play chess.

In the three matches against St Mirren, Hearts and Dundee, our manager got the team to practice the moves he was going to play against Real Betis. Moves that totally took advantage of Real Betis’ lax off the ball movement, and their unwillingness to play the high press.

And it worked brilliantly.

That is why I was so confident we were going to pull off a “shock” win. Clement saw the weaknesses as clearly as I did, and he was making plans weeks in advance of the match. All these strange moves the team were playing in the last few matches. Yep, they all came together last night.

And just for the record, with that glorious win, we also get FIVE (5) fantastic coefficient points for topping our group. That pushes us up to 15 points so far for this year, which is equal to the points collected by PSG.

But let’s be magnanimous and take this moment to congratulate the Scottish serial losers for finally shocking the whole of Europe by winning (yes, winning) two completely meaningless matches (not only was Europe shocked, I think the players for Celtic and Aberdeen were shocked as well.)

But, unfortunately, their heroics have done absolutely nothing to change Scotland’s position. It was far too little far too late from them, because the mighty football nation of Turkey (yes Turkey, with all their financial problems) still have two teams in Europe and they are now firmly in 9th place, and now well ahead of Scotland in the European table.

With all our heroics last night we could only drag Scotland up the table to 16 th in the number of points gained this year per country, with now Norway, Poland, Israel, and Greece the four immediate countries above
us in this years tally. Amongst the 15 countries above us, only Denmark and Poland are down to one club left.

So, as it is every year, we will have to get to the Finals. All we have to do is buy well in the January window, and please get Hagi and Goalak back!

We’re on our way….we’re on our way….

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