“His night to shine – 8” – Rangers rated v Real Betis

“His night to shine – 8” – Rangers rated v Real Betis
SEVILLE, SPAIN - DECEMBER 14: Cyriel Dessers of Rangers celebrates with the fans after the team's victory during the UEFA Europa League 2023/24 match between Real Betis and Rangers FC at Estadio Benito Villamarin on December 14, 2023 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

Rangers achieved the impossible tonight – a win in Sevilla to take Philippe Clement’s decimated squad through as group winners.

An astonishing evening in Spain, and Ibrox Noise brings you our scores:


Beaten twice, but still made some absolutely superb saves to help his side. He wasn’t his absolute vintage best, but he was really great. 8


We hate to be critical on a night like this, but he was ghastly – posted missing repeatedly, a 58% passing rate, wasteful with almost every move, and a massive part of both goals we conceded. 4


In truth, not a lot better than Tav, sold the shirt for the first goal and posted missing for the second, he had no tackles at all and while he made a fair few clearances, thanks to his massive height that’s not that tough for him. 5


Getting pelters for the second goal but he was actually unlucky in how it bounced off his chest and went astray, and he was helpless after that, arguably even being blocked. Otherwise? Our best defender. Immaculate with the ball, and defensively did a lot more than Goldson. As usual with Goldson’s partner, whoever it is. 7


Sat back and did little as an attacking threat – one really bad attempt at a cross summed up his nature, but defensively was reasonable – was mostly solid and not much came from his side. Funny how all the danger and goals conceded are always on Rangers’ right flank eh? 6


This is where the stronger displays really kick in – a wonderful piece of skill in the first half showed how much form the lad is in, and he worked like a dog to close things down. Pulled a lot of strings. 7


Big assist although his general passing was average, but offset by good defensive work in the middle. Not really clear why he was removed. Injury? 6


Wonderful goal, this lad is a natural finisher and as usual otherwise terrible with the ball, shocking passing, then atrocious decision-making to take on his man in the dying seconds rather than see time out. If not for his goal he’d be a 3. 6


One excellent interception in the middle, but otherwise predictably abysmal – 55% passing as he repeatedly lost the ball, but you can’t take his workrate away from him. 5


Has been very poor since the new contract, we’ll make no bones about it. He is tidy with passing but there’s just zero product from him. This was much the same and he was withdrawn early. Lost his man for the first goal. Naïve. 5


At last, his night to shine – a gigantic goal, a wonderful assist, Dessers was, if not incredible, he was great, and he absolutely earned this evening where his moments were big. He was basically the match winner and he deserves the praise after months of stick. 8



Tidy passing, and 5 tackles – he had a strong second half but not sure what he added that Cifu couldn’t have. Curious. 6


Will be remembered for that shocking attempt at shooting when playing for time was the best move. 4


Right place, right time, nailed his goal and took Rangers to the last 16. 7


Philippe Clement really didn’t have much to play with tonight, fielding a weak-looking XI, and it really did let him down at the rear. Far too flaky at the back, but his midfield worked so hard to try to protect that. Up front his forwards did the job for him, and his subs made a big difference. The team did not play well tonight, but they worked hard, and defended for their lives in the final 5 minutes. Clement has done an incredible job when you actually look at the cold hard facts of where we actually are now. 9

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