Fashion Sakala outs ex-Rangers boss Mick Beale as a liar

Fashion Sakala outs ex-Rangers boss Mick Beale as a liar
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 04: Fashion Sakala of Rangers celebrates scoring his team's second goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Kilmarnock FC at on March 04, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Fashion Sakala has become the latest Rangers player or ex-player to slaughter former manager Michael Beale, after revealing the ex-boss to be a liar, as well as expressing his disappointment at being frozen out at the club in the end.

The Zambian international, still only 26, and on fire in Saudi Arabia, spoke about Rangers for the first time since his exit, and confirmed his ex-boss to have absolutely fabricated nonsense about him.

He said:

“That was the hard one (Beale). When I was coming back for the new season, I thought the coach would trust me and want me there for the new season. He didn’t talk to me about anything or any transfers. He clearly showed me that I wasn’t part of his plans without telling me anything. The time I received a call from Mick Beale was when he told me not to come to the training ground anymore. That was hard for me because I didn’t do anything. Players leave clubs but they are not told not to go to the training ground, not told not to be part of the team. You can have clubs that can come in for you but still, you are training with the team. I stayed without training with the club for almost two weeks.”

Now bear in mind the lies Beale had spouted publicly about Sakala, making bewildering claims that the boy was literally his best friend in the squad, here’s a refresher:

“Fashion Sakala is very close to moving to a team in Saudi. He was a player I was counting on, a boy I had a really close relationship with, maybe even stronger than with anyone else in the group. He’s done very well for us and the strength of the relationship was probably important because the offer for him and his family I felt was a very good one. We spoke at length about it and he leaves with everyone’s well wishes.”

Clearly this was, as many of Beale’s comments were, a complete and total lie.

This is the first time the ex-boss has been formally publicly outed for the liar he is, even if Sakala didn’t himself directly accuse him of this – instead he just gave his own account, and we have to say while we didn’t love Fashion on Ibrox Noise, we never took him for a fibber.

But Beale most certainly was.

Pathological? Probably.

Character-wise the worst boss in Rangers’ history, and the damage he did continues to reverberate.

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