Bonkers theory on ex-Rangers Beale might not be wrong

Bonkers theory on ex-Rangers Beale might not be wrong
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 27: Livingston manager David Martindale and Rangers manager Michael Beale are seen during the Viaplay Cup match between Rangers and Livingston at Ibrox Stadium on September 27, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With yesterday’s latest criticism of former Rangers ‘manager’ Michael Beale by ex-Gers hitman Fashion Sakala, a potentially-bonkers and yet bewilderingly believable theory has been put forward as to Beale’s utterly astonishingly ‘management’ and decisions.

Now, we need to be careful how we word this one, because it’s just a theory, and we have zero evidence aside the barkers things Beale did as boss, but…

With signing hopeless rubbish like Dessers, Lammers and Danilo for a combined £15M, while getting rid of quality like Arfield, Lowry, Hagi, Kamara, Sakala, Morelos, Kent, Colak…

It has been theorised that Michael Beale is/was in fact some kind of football agent, working these deals and maybe standing to gain from them.

This is, of course, utter conjecture, we have no evidence for this, and we wouldn’t profess it to be the truth, but what it does highlight is just how much of a liar he was, how staggering the personnel changes were, and how far he put Rangers behind with the decisions he took.

That fans are actually positing theories that Beale was/is some kind of ‘secret’ football agent thingy who had ulterior motives with regard the turnover of personnel just shows how painfully inept and damaging his moves at Rangers were, and how very very few of them were of benefit.

When it comes to the summer’s transfer signings, Butland, Balogun and Sima appear to be the only good ones, and Beale infamously treated Balogun with pure contempt. And there’s certainly still some debate about Sima. And he was a loan!

The rest were abysmal.

And the outgoings were absolutely horrendous – Rangers basically lost an entire first team for reasons unknown.

Ulterior motives for dumping Colak? Sakala? Hagi? Kent?

Mick Beale has to go down as the most horrendous manager Rangers have ever had – little to none of what he did was in the club’s best interests, and absolute shame on Rangers’ former board for appointing him.

Pity the new one had to honour the existing agreement to support him.

What WERE Robertson and Wilson playing at?!

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