Sources: Robbie Neilson did NOT ‘turn down’ Rangers

Sources: Robbie Neilson did NOT ‘turn down’ Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 08: Robbie Neilson, Manager of Heart of Midlothian, looks on prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Heart of Midlothian at Celtic Park on March 08, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The anti-Rangers press has once again found a way to try to attack the club claiming former Hearts manager Robbie Neilson ‘turned down the chance to be Philippe Clement’s number one’.

This is literally fiction and is based on trying to find a negative in a story which in some way criticises Rangers.

The truth?

Neilson was 100% in consideration for being part of Clement’s coaching staff, and he was interested, but that was as far as it went, and the club didn’t pursue the idea – he instead went to the USA to be a manager over there.

He did not turn the job down because he was never offered it.

Ibrox Noise sources have confirmed that Clement was considering ‘all options’ for his coaching staff, with old mate Stephan Van Der Heyden top on the list of priorities, but the man was also seeking local coaches too as well as his own trusted stormtroopers.

Neilson was very much part of that thinking but it didn’t go beyond the brainstorming stage – we’re not clear if Neilson was ever actually spoken to about the topic, but to suggest he turned the role down is absolutely false.

Neilson is now a manager for the Rockies in the USA, giving his coaching career a further string to its bow, and good luck to him, but he was never coming to Rangers.

And he certainly didn’t turn us down.

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