Rangers scout confirms reason for Zukowski signing fail

Rangers scout confirms reason for Zukowski signing fail
This one had no chance of working out (Credit Rangers FC)

Mateusz Zukowski might not be the biggest success of a signing in Rangers’ history, indeed, he was part of the worst January window in the club’s entire past, alongside James Sands, Aaron Ramsey and Amad Diallo, but some comments from Rangers scout Piotr Kasprzak recently elaborate as to why his time at Ibrox was such a fail.

And it all pertains to two words:

James Tavernier.

Śląsk Wrocław, where Zukowski plays these days, is managed by Jacek Magiera who publicly appealed to Zukowski to up his game and get his head into the right place, has not been a happy hunting ground for the Pole, but his fail at Rangers is down to Tavernier.

Kasprzak said:

“I will immediately mark for it to be clear, yes, today we can say that it was not a successful transfer to Rangers. I remember his first few months at the club. Feedback was very positive – from the staff, from the players. The physical tests? Top 3, maybe top 5 in any category. Someone might say, “ah, it’s just the Scottish league” but we reached the Europa League final last season. James Tavernier played Mateusz’ position. And as he played, Mateusz had someone to learn from.”

So, Tavernier hogged the position (as always) and Zukowski didn’t get a look in.

He went on:

“In the league we chased Celtic, there was not much option for rotation, Tavernier was captain. It was a good time to get ready to play, but I think it was too quick to decide – I’m going to go out on loan, because here I won’t play. Anyway, recently I smiled when Jacek Magiera said that Żukowski has everything to be a representative of Poland. Mateusz must understand that everything is in his hands. Not coaches, not agents, not teammates. I am glad that he went to coach Magiera, because he is a coach who can reach the players in mental perspective.”

The issue Kasprzak is highlighting here is was Zukowski too quick to go out on loan, rather than fighting for his spot?

Well no – there is no point Rangers signing anyone at RB – just ask Dujon Sterling. James Tavernier is untouchable in that slot, and for now under Philippe Clement he remains that way. As long as the wins continue, we can’t contest that decision.

But it does mean that even having a deputy there is redundant. If Zukowski had known he had zero chance of playing, would he have joined Rangers?

Nope. Would Sterling? Nope.

Both were fed nonsense about getting chances, but in reality, Tav is immune and doesn’t have to look over his shoulder.

Even the scout at Ibrox hints at it….

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