Ex-Rangers striker under investigation for ‘illegal’ transfer

Ex-Rangers striker under investigation for ‘illegal’ transfer
BIRKENHEAD, ENGLAND - JULY 10: Jermain Defoe of Rangers looks on as he inspects the pitch prior to the Pre-Season friendly match between Tranmere Rovers and Rangers at Prenton Park on July 10, 2021 in Birkenhead, England. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images)

On top of Everton’s Nathan Patterson situation which may now involve Rangers, which we will get to further in due course, former striker Jermain Defoe has been caught with his trousers down after using an unlicensed agent to force a move from Spurs to Portsmouth, with all three parties well aware of what they were doing.

Ibrox Noise has always had misgivings about Defoe – the biggest one being his flagrant and disregard not to mention disrespect to our club after abandoning us more than once for Sky Sports instead, something the usual handwringers in our club’s fanbase defended but which appalled us.

We paid his wages so he could go and triple them by punditing on Spurs matches while Rangers were playing and he was expected in the dugout…

But the real issue here is if Defoe was happy to use an illegal football agent to get a dodgy move from Spurs to Portsmouth, we do wonder if his bizarre move to Rangers was above board as well.

We say bizarre, because we’ve never heard before or since of a three-cycle loan deal, whereby the player joins a club on loan, which auto extends for 6 months, then again, meaning a full loan deal of 18 months.

It was of course then made permanent at the end of it, in a deeply embarrassing episode involving Ross Wilson who made up some utter rubbish about the guy going into coaching with the club, and that would be his long-term plan.

Defoe himself admitted he didn’t have a single clue what he was meant to be doing – staying at the end of training for coaching or going home as a player.

There were a lot of oddities about the ex-England’s striker’s time at Rangers, from the strange loan agreement to Defoe himself and then that weird stuff from Wilson.

And now he’s under investigation over an illegal transfer earlier in his career.

We’re keeping our eye on this one.

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