Pittodrie farce as Sheep fans flunk Rangers lines

Pittodrie farce as Sheep fans flunk Rangers lines
Not exactly full yesterday was it....

Aberdeen’s Hampden farce was laid bare yesterday as the home side struggled to get Pittodrie more than half full, but still demanded at least half the tickets for the League Cup final.

In an attendance which justified the SPFL’s stance of giving them considerably less than half the tickets, the Dons crowd for a colossal Rangers match barely hit two-thirds of Pittodrie’s capacity, making a total mockery of their expectation to have at least 50% of Mount Florida’s seats.

The numbers given them were of course around 19,000, and after the initial general sales farce whereby thousands of Rangers fans nabbed Dons tickets on general sale (those tickets have now been cancelled), Barry Robson’s side and fans have had the cheek to demand more than their allotted amount but can’t fill up their own ground for a marquee fixture like Rangers. Indeed, they only managed 15,235 attendance of 20,866 capacity.

Indeed, outside of the Old Firm Aberdeen Rangers is the most powderkeg fixture in Scottish football, and to demonstrate how they ‘deserved’ a bigger allocation the Dons fans were going to fill Pittodrie for this one.

Nope, well over a third empty, and that was one of their better attendances this season.

As it turns out, Rangers will pack out Mount Florida with at least 25,000 fans, and while our supporters won’t infiltrate the Aberdeen end, well, frankly, it should be.

What a joke of a club…

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