Gazza returns to Rangers in amazing club video

Gazza returns to Rangers in amazing club video
Grinning like the cheeky monkey he always was.

The much-loved Paul Gazza Gascoigne has made a massive return to Rangers in a brand-new Christmas ad for the club, featuring current players and legends in days gone by.

The new club video, a Christmas first for Rangers, sees legends, old and new, together for Christmas (ok, we know it’s only November) with a message of everyone, but it’s the return of Gazza that is the clear highlight of the reel.

In his unexpected return, along with stalwarts John Bomber Brown and Barry Ferguson (whose acting might not be the best), Gazza joins the current squad at the table then looks exasperated at the end with all the washing up he’ll have to do.

It’s fantastic to see Gazza looking not bad at all, and ‘involved’ with something official Rangers again, after all these years.

Rangers were his quintessential club, he was never happier as a player than between 94-97 and his exit is something he very much regrets, and Rangers most definitely got his very best years.

Is Gazza the greatest player to ever ply his trade for Rangers?

Well that’s another debate for another time, possibly later today! But it was definitely a wonderful sight to see the Ibrox legend back among the current crop of players and fellow legends.

It was a good move from the club to get him on board for this, and it’s worked out great – not that he’s necessarily the world’s best actor himself!

No, we loved it, and all true Rangers fans will.

This Christmas It’s Rangers All the Way.

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