Brenda’s Celtic open the door for Clement’s Rangers

Brenda’s Celtic open the door for Clement’s Rangers
Clement celebrates a massive winner for Danilo at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

With Celtic dropping yet more points at home (guess Motherwell raised their game, huh) it proves once and for all how dire a manager Brendan Rodgers now is, and how close the gap between both Old Firm clubs actually is.

For all that Angie’s Celtic was supposely miles ahead of everyone in the league, the theoretically trouble-free appointment of Rodgers, designed to restore double-treble winning Celtic that he previously had, has found the going a lot more difficult.

We’re only approaching December and Celtic have already dropped 6 points. They’ve drawn three matches – Rangers, under the ex-boss, lost three.

And it’s clear now that it’s game on for sure.

As poor as Beale’s Rangers squad was/is, Philippe Clement is a genuine threat to that lot in the east and they know it – of course, there’s a tonne of work to do before we can even breathe the number 56, but it’s evident that Celtic have taken many steps back by appointing Rodgers, while Rangers appear to have taken a massive one forward bringing in the Belgian.

But talk is cheap.

Rangers have to prove themselves on the pitch, and the trip to Pittodrie is by far the most important match of Clement’s fledgling Ibrox reign for sure.

It’s the second match he’s led to truly have something riding on it – sure, they all do right? But this one sees yet another Celtic slip up, and massive pressure again on Rangers. Only it’s not a home match v middling Hearts that the 3 points are needed, it’s the high trauma of Aberdeen (regardless of their league position) on their patch.

Barry Robson and a bunch of the Celtic-minded tims at Pittodrie not only want to make up for the last match, but they will be desperate to stop Rangers from closing the gap to Celtic to an effective 3 points, with one match in hand.

So the home eagerness will be clearly out for blood, and Rangers under Clement will have their work cut out.

Clement’s Rangers tentatively demonstrated some of their credentials with that massive win over Hearts to cut the gap, but the Dons on their home turf is a different prospect completely.

If Clement can pick up the three points in the north of Scotland it is a HUGE statement.

Rangers fans expect…

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  1. 101 mins n 2 penalties and they say the league is rigged😂😂😂 love it
    Lets take this the mora and mob will collapse n brenda will be running for them hills😂bouncy bouncy bouncy

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